From Parma to the world

A number of opportunities to carry out a period of study, internship, teaching and training abroad

Internationalization is one of the strategic objectives of the University. Facing a growing number of available courses and international opportunities and a labour market that has become global, the University of Parma promotes various opportunities, both through the ERASMUS+ Program and self-driven exchange programs (OVERWORLD, W.I.D.E.), aiming to elect European and international mobility as a priority in internationalization strategies.

For students, the new Call for International Mobility for Study Purposes brings together all the opportunities for mobility for study, including participation in double degree programs, while the University Call for International Mobility for Internships offers financial contributions for carry out an internship period in European and non-European companies, enterprises, institutions, associations.

Mobility can be achieved in three different modes: physical, blended or virtual.

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Specialization Schools

In these pages students will be able to find all the information relating to the enrolment and career management of specialization schools (medical and non-medical area) veterinary and legal offered by the University of Parma.


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Advanced courses

Postgraduate training to develop high-level skills and enhance one's professionalism

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PhD programmes

The PhD programme is a 3-year postgraduate course that aims to provide doctoral students with advanced scientific and technical knowledge and equip them with the methodological tools needed to become researchers. Research constitutes at least two-thirds of doctoral students'commitment during the three-year course. Each doctoral student is supervised by a supervisor or more co-supervisors, that is, collaborates directly with persons of high scientific standing; this enables him or her to absorb the methods by which research in the field is carried out, but also to be introduced to the most interesting problems being debated within the international scientific community. The training of the research doctor is integrated by periods of study abroad, or by internships in public and private subjects.

*** NEW *** Call for admission for the 39th cycle a.y. 2023/2024 - SUPPLEMENTARY Call deadline November 14, 2023

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Fees, university contributions and benefits

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University hubs

University of Parma hubs, to find out where the facility you are looking for is located.

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