Important information

  • If you have chosen a degree course taught in Italian and you do not possess any document certifying that you have B2 level competency in the Italian language, you must take the Italian language competency test before you can enrol or take any admission tests. Dates for the Italian test are listed below.
  • If you do not have 12 years of previous schooling, you are not eligible to apply for pre-enrolment. If you are missing one year of schooling, you have the option to attend our Foundation Year program and then enrol.

  • Admission to each degree course for non-EU nationals is limited to quotas, that are approved each year by Degree Course Committees.

  • In compliance with the relevant bylaws and regulations, students attending a degree course taught in English are also required to pass an Italian language competency test before the completion of the degree course.

Bylaws and regulations governing international student access to Italian higher education degree courses for the Academic Year 2022/2023 can be found at the address

Non-EU citizens holding a type of residence permit other than a residence permit for study purposes are equated to EU nationals. They must therefore follow the application procedures required for students who are EU nationals (art. 26 - L. 189/2002). Admission quotas for Chinese students are reserved exclusively for Chinese students participating in the Marco Polo project.



Pre-evaluation of candidates is mandatory to determine eligibility for admission into a second-cycle degree course taught in English while it is optional for first cycle and second cycle degree courses taught in Italian.

  • Students enrolling in an English-language second cycle degree course  (Engineering for the food industry, Food Safety and Food Risk ManagementInternational Business and Development e Language Sciences and Cultural Studies for Special Needs) should therefore apply using the appropriate link: 
    Before starting the pre-evaluation procedure, students must register on the University computer system (ESSE3).

    The deadlines for requesting the pre-evaluation of your academic credentials are the following:
    - May 31, 2022 (first call)
    - June 1st to July 31st, 2022 (second call)
  • For the Communication Engineering degree course please follow the procedure on this link.
  • For the MUNER - Electronic Engineering for intelligent vehicles degree course, the information will be published at this link. 

While proceeding to the pre-enrolment form on the Universitaly portal, it will be mandatory for prospective students to upload, among other required documents, the “Acceptance Letter” obtained through the pre-evaluation. Failure to do so will compromise the success of the pre-enrolment procedure.

  • For the course in “Medicine and surgery” it is possible (but not mandatory) to fill in this form:
  • For those enrolling in a first-cycle degree course, single-cycle or second cycle (master) degree course taught in Italian it is possible to fill in this form where, any documents in the possession of international students relating to their higher studies and level of knowledge of the Italian language, can be attached.

If the documentation is complete, the University will carry out a preliminary assessment of the qualifications and, if the level of Italian is not sufficient, language courses will be organised in preparation for the compulsory test.

Pre-enrolment on the Universitaly portal

Visit and then register on the Universitaly portal and apply through your reserved area to obtain the final validation of your qualifications and obtain an entry VISA to Italy (see paragraph below).

After completing the registration on the portal, you will be able to access your pre-enrolment form. When filling the pre-enrolment, remember to select the University of Parma, choose your desired degree course and follow the procedure.

While filling the form, you will be asked to specify the Embassy or Consulate where you will apply for the entry VISA. In case you have completed the pre-evaluation procedure, please remember to attach the response letter you got from the University of Parma.

In case you wish to look for admission at one of the national fixed quota degrees (Medicine and Surgery, Dentistry, Midwifery, Nursing, Veterinary Medicine, Architecture, Audioprothesic Technique, Orthoptic and Opthalmologic Assistance, Physiotherapy, Imaging and Radiotherapy Techniques, Environment and Workplace Prevention Techniques, Speech and LanguageTerapy, Biomedical Laboratory Techniques), please rember to finalize your pre-registration on the Universitaly portal before taking the admission tests. Since the admission tests take usually place in September, late Universitaly registrations may prevent the possibility to enter Italy on time, despite successfully passing the tests. 

After completing the pre-application form through Universitaly, your pre-application needs to be officially approved by our University and the University answer will be automatically forwarded both to you and, most important, to your selected Italian Embassy or Consulate, which thus will have the green light to start your VISA issuing process (for more information on how to get you VISA, see below). If you already have an acceptance pre-application letter from the University of Parma, then the approval on Universitaly is automatically granted (unless, compulsory documents are not atached to the Universitaly personal pre-application).

Remember that the Universitaly pre-application procedure does not guarantee your final admission.

Applicants wishing to register for the Foundation Year must submit their pre-registration trough the Universitaly portal, choosing "Corso Propedeutico" in the dedicated menu.

Step by step guide to filling the Universitaly pre-application


Once the outcome of your Universitaly pre-application has been confirmed, please check the requirements and the access procedures for the chosen degree course, register on our website and proceed to matriculate/enroll online.

Among the documents required to finalize the matriculation/enrolment process, a copy of the Tax Code (Codice Fiscale) is required. The Tax Code is issued by the Italian Revenue Agency (Agenzia delle Entrate) or by the Italian Embassy/Consulate competent for your territory. Self-produced tax codes using Internet simulators are not allowed (see below).

Contact the Italian Embassy or Consulate to find out the requirements for obtaining the Tax Code and the entry VISA. Find all the information on the procedures in the "Studiare in Italia" portal.

Online italian language competence test
If you have chosen a degree course delivered in Italian language, and you do not have any official certification demonstrating your knowledge of Italian at a B2 level, you are called to take the Italian language test (generally scheduled between July and August) before enrolling (or, if required, to take the admission test to access the chosen degree).
Each candidate will be informed by email about the room on TEAMS where the test will take place and the timetable. Please refer to section "Free preparatory course and tests of Italian Language competence for 2022/2023 applicants" here below.

Relevant information
The necessary procedures related to the final matriculation/enrolment of non-European nationals may be processed exclusively after receiving the following documents in original (find here the competent address):

  • Study title translated and legalized
  • Dichiarazione di Valore (declaration of value), issued by the competent Italian Embassy/Consulate 
  • Copy of the awarded VISA to enter Italy

If this documentation is received by 30th November 2022, the student will definitely be enrolled, and they will have access to the exams planned for the First Semester of the current academic year.

may be made through international bank transfer. The indicated payment must correctly contain:

  • student’s name and surname
  • invoice ref. number

The bank details for the transfer are the following:

  • Account holder’s name: Università di Parma
  • Bank address:  Crédit Agricole Italia S.p.A. – Agenzia di Parma – Via Università, 1 – 43121 Parma
  • IBAN: IT 25 L 06230 12700 000038436533

Please note: A copy of the international bank transfer receipt may be attached to the enrolment application sent to the Student Registry Office of the chosen course.

Tax Identification number (Codice fiscale)
Among the compulsory documents to be provided for the final matriculation/enrolment, applicants are asked to provide copy of the codice fiscale (Tax Identification Number). The Tax Identification Number is officially issued by the national Agenzia delle Entrate or by the Italian Embassy/Consulate. Any Tax Identification Number obtained through the use of simulators available on the Internet will be not accepted.

Obtaining the Tax Identification Number is very simple:

  • if already in Italy, the applicant may request the Tax Identification Number (Codice Fiscale) to the local Agenzia delle Entrate agency, whose copy must be provided jointly with the request for the Residence Permit;
  • if still in the home Country,  the applicant may request the Codice Fiscale to the competent Italian Embassy/Consulate and send copy of the retrieved document to the University Student Secretariat, jointly with the other compulsory documents.

All relevant information related the Codice Fiscale (Tax Identification Number) can be found here.

Free preparatory course and tests of Italian language competence for 2022/2023 applicants

The Italian language test of the University of Parma will be administered in the following dates:

  • 6th July 2022 (registration closing date: 1st July, 23:59, Italian time)
  • 24th and 25th August 2022 (registration closing date: 19th August, 23:59, Italian time)
  • 4th October 2022(registration closing date: 27th September, 23:59, Italian time)

Given the high number of requests it will be possible to take the test in the extraordinary session to be held on November 9, 2022 (deadline for registration: November 1, 2022 at 11:59 pm Italian time; the scheduled test will be communicated by email on November 7, 2022).

With reference to the above dates, students who want to access the national fixed-quota degree courses in:

  • Architecture, Regeneration, Sustainability
  • Medicine and Surgery
  • Dentistry
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • as well as the degree courses in healthcare professions (Nursery, Midwifery, Physiotherapy, Speech therapy, Orthotics and ophthalmologic care, Audioprosthetic techniques, Biomedical Laboratory Techniques, Imaging and Radiotherapy Techniques, Environment and Workplace Prevention Techniques)

must take the test by the 24th-25th August 2022 at the latest.

In order to take the test registration is mandatory. Candidates must register at the following web page:, note that you must choose only one date and reserve just one place. Candidates who do not register for the Italian language test through the web page mentioned above will be excluded from the test.

On the same web page ( candidates will find an online preparatory course as well as a mock test, relevant information and other useful materials.

Please, remember that before registering for the Italian language test, candidates must have completed the whole pre-enrollment process on the Universitaly platform indicated in the guide below. Differently, candidates will be excluded from the test.

Upon registration on the University of Parma’s web page, candidates must upload their identity document and a recent selfie in the appropriate section.

The document and the selfie must be named as follows: Named_Surname (for example, John_Fynnamore). Candidates who do not upload their document and their picture and/or do not name them correctly are excluded from the test.

In order to register for the test, the @unipr credentials with a "Guest" profile are required. The procedure for completing the registration as a "Guest User" is available in the appropriate guide you may find below.

How to get the VISA

The successful completion of the pre-application through the Universitaly platform allows the applicant to start the process to obtain a study VISA type-D to enter Italy for enrolment in an Italian University.

The successful validation of your Universitaly pre-application by the University of Parma includes an automatic notification to the competent Embassy/Consulate. You also will be notified by e-mail of our validation.

The next required step is that you contact the competent Italian Embassy/Consulate to schedule your interview. During the interview, you may be tested on your proficiency of the English/Italian language (this depending on the language of instruction of your chosen degree course).

Please bear in mind that obtaining a VISA to enter Italy is not exclusively related to the admission to a University Degree, but also  to the evaluation of the applicant's personal, financial and organizational conditions by the relevant Embassy/Consulate.

Important information is the following:

  • To enter Italy there is a minimum amount of Euros you have to declare as economic means for subsistence during the planned stay. These means are quantified as € 460,28 (euros) per month for each month of duration of the academic year, equal to € 5983,64 (euros) per year.  All VISA applications declaring below the minimum are automatically rejected. Official info available on the Ministry of foreign affairs website;
  • The applicant must show proof of adequate accommodation in Italy, such as Campus accommodation, rental agreement, or a confirmed hotel booking of at least 30 days. In the case of accommodation in a private house, the owner must provide a declaration of hospitality signed in front of a notary public;
  • Your English proficiency must be certified with a level of at least B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment. Alternatively, you must provide a certificate from the Institution which issued your Bachelor degree stating that the program used English as the medium of instruction;
  • You need a copy of a confirmed flight booking;
  • The Italian Embassy or Consulate in your country may interview you. Please, carefully check the deadlines and all the required documents before attending the interview.
  • You can check the requested documentation for your VISA by filling this official questionnaire.

Post-graduated enrolment

Professional Master programmes

Candidates in possession of a foreign qualification must include, among the attachments in the IT procedure, the scan of the degree title with an official translation into Italian, with legalization and declaration of value by the Italian diplomatic representations in the country where the qualification has been achieved.

This is necessary to obtain the prior recognition of equivalence from the Admission Commission of the Master or the Executive Committee in case of absence of selection, only for the purpose of admission to the Professional Master programme.

The documents must be sent in original to the U.O. Formazione Post Lauream in the final enrollment phase for the Professional Master programme.

Finally, it should be remembered that, until the candidate has sent the original documents mentioned above, it will not be possible to proceed with the enrollment.

Alternatively you can attach the Diploma supplement issued by higher education institutions belonging to the EU or the certificate of comparability issued by the CIMEA Center (for more information Statements of Comparability and Verification - CIMEA). 
Non-EU citizens must also attach a copy of the residence permit.
Foreign students, in order to enroll at the University, must be in possession of the tax code. Information on how to issue is available on the Revenue Agency website:

Specialization school

Candidates in possession of a foreign qualification can apply for admission to competitions both in relation to medical and non-medical schools if in possession of a degree and professional qualification (where provided), obtained in a foreign universities.
The qualifications are considered equivalent only for the admission to the Specialization School.

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