The Exchange frameworks

Here you may find all the relevant information to spend a study/internship period in the framework of the existing exchange programs.

Exchange mobility for Study at the University of Parma may be carried out under different exchange frameworks:

  • ERASMUS+ SMS, with a duration between 2 and 12 months. The Mobility Period may be complemented with a traineeship period. In the case of blended mobility, the minimum physical mobility duration period is 2 months.
  • ERASMUS+ SMT (Student Mobility for Traineeship). The University of Parma offers a number of internship opportunities to be chosen among the administration offices and the University Departments.
  • ERASMUS+ BIP (Blended Intensive Programmes), including a virtual and a physical mobility period. The joint programme is jointly run by at least three universities from three Erasmus+ eligible Countries, where learners come together. Learners can be either students or staff who go on a training activity.
  • ERASMUS+ ICM KA171 (International Credit Mobility), consisting of exchanges with partner institutions having a KA171 collaboration project with the University of Parma. International Credit Mobility (ICM) for Studies under the Erasmus+ Programme allows Partner Countries students to carry out Mobility Periods at the University of Parma and viceversa. ICM mobility is active only in presence of collaborative projects between the EU and the non-EU partner institution(s)
  • OVERWORLD, when mobility takes place outside of the Erasmus+ Programme and, generally, from a partner university having a collaboration agreement with the University of Parma. Mobility may have a duration between 3 and 12 months.
  • W.I.D.E.
  • DOUBLE DEGREE MOBILITY. This type of mobility, which can be part of both the ERASMUS+ and OVERWORLD programmes, foresees the carrying out of a study period aimed at awarding a double degree (the one from the student's home university and the University of Parma).​​​

Study or traineeship exchange periods may be carried out in different ways, according to personal, institutional or circumstantial conditions. The University of Parma encourages, supports, and fosters the following types of mobility:

  • Physical Mobility: physical presence at the University of Parma for the entire duration of the exchange period;
  • Online Mobility: attendance of courses in virtual mode, without traveling from the Home Country to Parma;
  • Blended Mobility: a mix between Physical and Online Mobility; the student may choose to alternate between physical and online mobility, depending on personal preferences and possible mitigating factors.

Some limitations may be in place regarding the admissible types of mobility depending on the specific objectives of the exchange, as well as the provisions of the Mobility Programme under which the exchange is carried out.

Erasmus student application steps

Some necessary steps must be respected in order to plan your experience:

  1. NOMINATION: your home university must inform us about your selection as exchange student at this University;
  2. APPLICATION: following your nomination, you'll be contacted by our Offices to proceed with your application;
  3. PREPARE YOUR ARRIVAL IN PARMAThe Erasmus and International Home organizes a series of webinars to provide information regarding registration procedures, organization of arrival in Parma, and services provided by the University for exchange students. Attend to get all the necessary information about courses offered by UniPR, the academic calendar and other important details.

For an overview of the different phases of your mobility experience, and for more details on each step, we highly recommend carefully reading the Exchange Student Handbook.

Useful information and reference people

Here you can find all useful information to plan your study period  in Parma and to get in touch with the relevant coordinators of the different programmes.

The page dedicated to useful information and reference figures contains the list of professors who make up the International Mobility Commissions of the Departments, that is, the professors who are responsible for the organization and planning of all mobility and exchange activities for their Department of reference; here you can also find the Info Sheets of each Department, which contain specific information about the University of Parma and its Departments in relation to the requirements (including language requirements) and the conditions to be met in order to plan one's mobility period.

Below, you can re-watch the webinars dedicated to incoming students:


The Erasmus and International Home (EIH) of the University is at your disposal for any support you may need to plan your arrival at the University of Parma.

Erasmus and International Home
T. +39 0521 904203
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