Alma universitas studiorum parmensis A.D. 962 - Università di Parma
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The Student Council is the body of autonomous and coordinated participation of students in the organization of the University and in actions for the achievement of institutional purposes and exercises functions of a propositional and advisory nature.

The Student Council:

  • expresses obligatory opinions in the cases provided for by the Statute and may make proposals on the regulations of the University for the part that concerns teaching and student services, on the determination of student fees, on measures implementing the right to study, on the'organization of services provided to students, on the regulatory rules for the election of student representatives; it may, in addition, make proposals on amendments to the Statute
  • may make proposals on matters relating to the right to study to the Academic Senate and the Board of Administration
  • shall exercise all the powers delegated to it by the Statute and other regulatory acts of the University.

The Student Council is composed of the students present in the Academic Senate, Board of Administration, Evaluation Core, University Sports Committee, the students of the University present in the representations at the regional and national level, fifteen student representatives according to area groupings defined by regulations and elected by the student component.

Members of the Student Council hold office for two years.


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