The Service Charter defines the quality standards of services that the University is committed to guarantee to the external user, in a logic of continuous performance improvement.

For each service, the main features, the modes of delivery and the managers are specified; in addition, the charter details the contact persons, the methods of complaint as well as the quality standards intended to be ensured through periodic monitoring of quality indicators.

The Service Charter represents a dynamic document and is subject to constant updating, with a view to the continuous improvement of the quality of services also provided through the participation of its stakeholders.

The University of Parma constantly works so that the process of quality of services provided can expand and spread to all institutional, teaching, research and administrative realities.

At the following link the document on the Quality Policy of the University can be consulted. It contains the main strategic lines under which the services to students in the educational sphere are developed, articulated through a series of specific actions to offer and implement the network of services to support students.

The University Information Systems Area maintains a web page dedicated to the catalogue of services ICT delivered to final users.

The Service Charter - 2021 edition was published by DR No. 1952/2021

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