Alma universitas studiorum parmensis A.D. 962 - Università di Parma
EUGreen - European University Alliance for sustainability

The University adopts a policy of enhancing and encouraging technology transfer, in order to contribute to the social, cultural and economic development of the area, by making available to businesses, public agencies and professionals its innovative know-how, facilities, experience and professionalism of its faculty and researchers.

To strengthen the relationship with the local area, between academia and business, the University provides for the possibility of multiple modes of collaboration, through research agreements and other modes of interaction. The transfer of knowledge to the territory and the interaction between the scientific research activity and social - economic activities, is implemented, for example, through the University's transfer, under ownership or licensing, of patents inherent in industrial inventions generated within the University itself, the licensing of patents, the joint establishment of corporations with spin-off and/or start-up characteristics, the possibility of benefiting directly and immediately from qualified research activity conducted by highly specialized figures.

The guidelines systematically indicate the main tools of the University of Parma for the "business system" in the area, also recalling the tax benefits.

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