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The student opinion survey questionnaire (OPIS) is a tool designed to measure student opinion with a view to improving teaching, quality and the organisation of degree courses and forms an integral part of the University's evaluation system.


HOW: in line with the objectives of dematerialisation of administrative processes for students at the University of Parma, the administration of student opinion survey questionnaires is carried out exclusively onlineThe questionnaire is open to both attending and non-attending students. The questionnaire for attending students is divided into several sections, which cover various aspects of the course; the questionnaire for non-attending students includes information about single course units (including reasons for non-attendance) and, for obvious reasons, does not cover aspects of classroom teaching. It is necessary to complete and confirm the questionnaire in one session as the system does not allow you to save partially completed questionnaires. It is compulsory to complete the questionnaire for a particular course unit before registering for the exam; however, it is recommended that you complete it during the last days of classes and not just before the exam.


The questionnaire can be completed according to the deadlines indicated in the following table, it being understood that in the academic year 2021/2022 the questionnaires for courses taught over the 1st teaching period can be completed by 30/09/2022, while for those relating to courses taught in the 2nd teaching period, or for annual courses, can be completed by 28/02/2023.

The reference table for compilation is available here.

Access to filling in the questionnaires, which only concerns the questionnaires for the courses included in one's own academic booklet for the current academic year, is permitted only after the programme of study has been filled in; therefore, outside-prescribed-time students or those attending courses from previous academic years are exempt from filling them in.


To complete the online student opinion survey questionnaires, please follow the procedure below:

  • connect to the student career management system ESSE3 using your University credentials (such as <name.surname></name.surname>;
  • in the menu on the left, under the section QUESTIONNAIRES, select "questionnaires for evaluating teaching activities": a table will appear listing the learning activities in your booklet;

the penultimate column (called Q.Val.) contains the state of completion of the student opinion survey questionnaire for each course according to the following table:





Already completed

It is possible to register for exam sessions


Partially filled in, i.e. only filled in for some of the modules/teachers, if any

It is not possible to register for exam sessions


Not filled in

It is not possible to register for exam sessions

The absence of the icon in the Q.Val column for a given course unit means that the evaluation questionnaire is not available for that unit and, therefore, booking for the examination is not conditional on completion of the questionnaire;

  • click on the red or yellow icon relating to the line of the course unit for which you wish to complete the questionnaire. You will enter the page "Evaluation questionnaires selection" where all the questionnaires that can be filled in for the course are listed in a table, i.e. one questionnaire for each possible module of which the course is composed or for each teacher. For each module or teacher, the Questionnaire column will show a red icon if the questionnaire is still to be completed, and a green icon if it has already been completed. In the case of partitioned lessons (i.e. divided according to the first letter of the surname, e.g. A-L and M-Z), questionnaires will be listed for each partition but you will only have to complete the questionnaire for your own partition;
  • clicking on the red icon in the Questionnaire column will take you to a new page: click on the icon called NEW (in the shape of a pen on a sheet of paper) on the right of the page to start filling in the questionnaire;
  • the first question concerns the percentage of lessons of the course (or module) attended: if you state that you have not attended or have attended less than 50% of the lessons, the system will open the specific questionnaire for non-attending students to be filled in, otherwise it will open the questionnaire for attending students;
  • once you have finished filling in the questionnaire and before final confirmation, a page summarising your answers appears. It is possible to modify the opinions expressed by clicking on the icon that links to the page to be modified;
  • after checking the answers displayed, select the "Confirm" button at the bottom of the summary page to confirm the assessment provided: at this point, the questionnaire can no longer be edited or viewed.

Yes! It is compulsory for each course in order to register for the relevant exam session. All questions are compulsory, except for the last section where you can make some suggestions if you wish.
The results of the questionnaire are only administered in aggregate form so as to ensure anonymity and, upon completion of the questionnaire, the responses are stored without any link to the credentials, registration number or identifier of the user who provided them. Authentication is required so that you can propose to complete the questionnaire only once for each course for which you wish to take the examination. 

If you need help, contact
Progettazione Didattica e AQ division at the following e-mail address

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