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Prof. Neil D. Mathur "Electrocaloric effects in epitaxial films of SrTiO3"
Abstract: First, I will introduce electrocaloric effects. These are reversible or nominally reversible thermal changes that arise when changes of electric field drive changes of local electrical polarization. Then, I will describe electrocaloric effects near the 243 K ferroelectric phase transition in epitaxial films of SrTiO3 on DyScO3 substrates. Results will be compared with (1) bulk SrTiO3 and (2) the canonical Landau description of this system.

Prof. Xavier Moya "Barocaloric materials for heating and cooling"
Abstract: Half of the world’s CO2 emissions can be attributed to heating and cooling. This is primarily due to heating with natural gas and cooling with compression of greenhouse gases, which are neither environmentally friendly nor energy efficient. Therefore there is great interest in developing alternative technologies that can replace these gas-based environmentally damaging systems. Barocaloric materials are at the core of novel solidstate heat-pump technologies. During this talk I will describe our work on mechanically responsive barocaloric materials, and present our recent advances on barocaloric systems for heating and cooling applications.


Prof. Neil D. Mathur
Department of Materials Science, University of Cambridge
Prof. Xavier Moya
Department of Materials Science, University of Cambridge

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