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Access for SPID holders

Web services that require authentication from the identity provider direct the user to the centralized authentication page that involves the use of the button 'Sign in with SPID' for the'use of credentials issued by the SPID provider.


At the time of authentication, in addition to SPID, you can also make use of the traditional method of authentication that uses university credentials:

  • other types of credentials

Access to online service

Once you have authenticated with SPID

  • if you have d'university credentials, you will directly access the online service
  • alternatively, you will be automatically redirected to the d'university services portal to register your data.

For those who don't have SPID

Credentials (username and password) are distributed differently depending on your role within the University.

Structured employees, contract professors and research fellows do not need to register as the account will be provided automatically upon signing the contract.

The students including of the doctoral courses obtain credentials through the registration.
Other types of users, such as guests, visiting professor, etc., must necessarily follow the following procedure:
  1. log on to to register their biographical data
  2. the employee, who acts as guarantor of the guest's identity, validates the report:
    1. linking to:
    2. and specifying the role and time expiration of the same
  3. the IT technical staff activates the role that has just been validated
  4. the'host receives an e-mail with login credentials and instructions to follow to set the password

Credentials management

After obtaining a username in the manner described above, the first password must be chosen through the activation.

You can always change your password with the password change procedure
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