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University Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is an indispensable process that involves all those who work in the University in which each progress of the individual benefits the entire organization and stimulates the healthy confrontation to which it is necessary to strive in order to make effective and concrete the social role that University plays.


  • defining quality policies in tune and synergy with the strategic directions of the University and reliable and robust procedures through which the governing bodies can implement them;
  • putting in place activities to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in all internal processes of the University, primarily serving the quality of education and research;
  • create awareness in all those who work in the University so that the tasks of each are carried out competently and promptly, the services provided are effective, and records are kept of what is done to monitor and measure results.


Students' Opinion

The processing of the student evaluation questionnaires, broken down by Department and by Course of Study, is managed by the Management Control O.U. and can be found here.

Below is a description of the reporting system related to the students opinion on teaching activities.

Projects for quality education

The’art. 7 of the University Statute stipulates that the’University shall promote the’updating, continuing education and professional retraining of its staff.
With this objective, the’University, which in putting the student in the foreground adopts every possible tool to enable the students themselves a satisfactory course of study, has considered it strategic to define some projects, among which it is important to mention:

Location and course of study accreditation

The periodic accreditation of university venues and courses of study introduced by Legislative Decree 19/2012, consists of the verification of the requirements of quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the activities carried out. Periodic accreditation takes place at least every five years for venues and at least every three years for courses of study.


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