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From Article 11 of the General Articles of Association of the University

1. The Director General, on the basis of the guidelines provided by the Board of administration, is responsible for the overall management and organisation of the services, instrumental resources and technical-administrative staff of the University.

2. The Director General, in particular:

2.1. proposes the resources and professional profiles needed to perform the tasks of the University structures, also for the purpose of drawing up the three-year planning document for personnel requirements;

2.2. assigns Managers the tasks and responsibilities for specific projects and management;

2.3. defines the objectives to be pursued by the Managers and allocates the consequent human, financial and material resources;

2.4. adopts the acts relating to the organisation of management level offices;

2.5. adopts administrative acts and measures and exercises powers of expenditure and acquisition of revenue except those delegated to Managers and other administrative structures;

2.6. directs, coordinates and controls the activities of the Managers and the persons in charge of administrative procedures, also with power of substitution in case of inaction, proposing the adoption, against the Managers, of the measures provided for by art. 21 of Legislative Decree 165/2001;

2.7. directly requests opinions from the advisory bodies, including those outside the University, and responds to the findings of the control bodies on the acts for which he is responsible;

2.8. carries out the activities of organisation, personnel management and labour relations;

2.9. contributes to the definition of appropriate measures to prevent and combat corruption and to monitor employees' compliance with them;

2.10. constitutes a consultation body aimed at linking the procedural-managerial aspects between the departmental structures and the administrative bodies of the University.

3. For each financial year, the objectives of administrative action are agreed by the Director General with the Board of administration and their achievement reviewed.

4. The Director General participates, without voting rights, in the meetings of the Academic Senate and the Board of administration.

5. The position of Director General, which lasts three years, is assigned, on the Rector's proposal, by the Board of administration, after hearing the opinion of the Academic Senate, to a person with high professional qualifications and proven multi-year experience in management functions, gained in the public or private sector, including international. The appointment may be renewed in the same way.

6. The post of Director General is governed by a fixed-term employment contract under private law.

7. If a civil servant is appointed to the post, he or she is to be placed on unpaid leave for the duration of the contract.

8. The Director General proposes the appointment of a Deputy with vicarious functions, indicating him/her among the Managers in service at the University. The Deputy Director General is appointed by decree of the Rector and ceases to hold office at the same time as the Director General.

9. The Director General may be suspended or revoked from his post by reasoned decision of the Board of administration, on the proposal of the Rector, after hearing the opinion of the Academic Senate, for the reasons contained in the individual employment contract and in particular for failure to achieve the objectives and/or for non-compliance with the directives attributable to the Director General, subject to prior notification and in compliance with the principle of cross-examination.

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