Alma universitas studiorum parmensis A.D. 962 - Università di Parma
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Functions - Art. 10 Articles of Association

The Board of Administration, in particular:

2.1 performs functions of strategic guidance, approval of annual and triennial financial planning, building and personnel planning;

2.2 monitors the financial sustainability of the activities;

2.3 decides, subject to the favourable opinion of the Academic Senate, on the establishment, activation, modification or suppression of courses, hubs, schools and departments, and assigns study courses, specialisation schools and PhD courses to each department;

2.4 after consultation with the Academic Senate, adopts the Regulations for administration, finance, accounting, management and negotiation activities;

2.5 on the Rector's proposal, and subject to the opinion of the Academic Senate, it approves the University's annual and three-year budget, balance sheet and three-year planning document;

2.6 transmits to the competent Ministries the annual and triennial budgets and the final accounts;

2.7 on the Rector's proposal and after hearing the opinion of the Academic Senate, it confers the office of Director General;

2.8 agrees with the Director General, for each financial year, on the objectives of administrative action and monitors their achievement;

2.9 has disciplinary powers in relation to professors and lecturers, as provided for in Article 10 of Law 240/2010;

2.10 approves proposals from departments to call up and appoint lecturers and professors;

2.11 expresses its opinion on the Code of Ethics pursuant to Article 41(3);

2.12 after consulting the Academic Senate and the Student Council, it decides on measures relating to: tuition fees for enrolment in degree courses and other educational initiatives; the granting of exemptions and scholarships from the budget; student collaboration procedures; service activities;

2.13 decides the amount of the indemnity for the Rector, the Vice Rectors, the Department Directors, the members of the Board of Administration, the Academic Senate, the Evaluation Committee, the Board of Auditors and for those in charge of institutional activities or activities related to the functioning of the University;

2.14 deliberates on the allocation of the University Fund for the rewarding of professors and researchers.



  • Prof. Paolo Andrei - Rettore


  • Prof.ssa Maria Careri
  • Prof. Paolo Mignosa
  • Prof. Marco Mezzadri
  • Prof. Simone Bertini


  • Dott.ssa Michela Bolondi
  • Dott. Andrea Pontremoli


  • Sig. Panzera Roberto
  • Sig. Ugolotti Emanuele


  • Dott.ssa Sara Buffetti
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