"In compliance with his/her functions, the Rector can nominate Delegates with own decree establishing duties and fields of competence. The Delegates report directly to the Rector on their activities according to the tasks they have to fulfil." (Art. 9 of the University Statute)

BACCHI prof. Alessia
Mandate: University museums

BAGLIONI prof. Simone
Mandate: European and International Research

BOTTANI prof. Eleonora
Mandate: University Ranking

CALESTANI prof. Gianluca
Mandate: PhDs and apprenticeship in higher training and research

CECCHI prof. Rossana
Mandate: workplace health, hygiene and safety

COCCONI prof. Monica
Mandate: anti-corruption and transparency

DALL'ASTA prof. Chiara
Mandate: relations with EFSA and Europass

GENOVESI prof. Piergiovanni
Mandate: historical cultural activities

GIULIANI prof. Felice
Mandate: Technological Transfer

GRAGNOLI prof. Enrico
Mandate: trade union negotiations

MANCINI prof. Maria Cecilia
Mandate: International student and teaching staff mobility

MEZZADRI prof. Marco
Mandate: teachers preliminary and in-service training

MONTANARI prof. Roberto
Mandate: curricular and extra-curricular traineeships

PELLEGRINO prof. Vincenza
Mandate: University relations with city jailhouse

PELOSI prof. Giorgio
Mandate: European University Networks

PRATI prof. Andrea
Mandate: IT systems

ROLLO prof. Dolores
Mandate: inclusion and psychological counseling

TOMASSINI prof. Adriano
Mandate: e-learning

VASTA prof. Stefania
Mandate: legal and juridical issues

VERNIZZI prof. Chiara
Mandate: student guidance

VIAPPIANI prof. Cristiano
Mandate: University three-year planning

VITALE prof. Marco
Delega: Sports

WOLLEB prof. Guglielmo
Mandate: International Relations

The Rector has also appointed Delegates as Directors of the following University centres:

CANEPARI prof. Michela
Director of the University Language Centre

CASERO prof.ssa Cristina
Director of Study Center and Comunication Archive

CECCHI prof. Rossana
Director of the Service Centre for Health, Hygiene and Safety in the Workplace

DEL RIO Daniele
President of the School of Advanced Studies on Food and Nutrition

Director of the Centre for Activities and Professions in the Arts and the Performing Arts

ROLLO prof. Dolores
Director University Welcome and Inclusion Centre

TOMASSINI prof. Adriano
Director E-Learning e Multimedia Services Centre


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