Università degli studi di Parma

"The Rector may appoint by decree one or more Vice Rectors with specific powers" (Art. 9 of the University Statute).

As of 6 November 2017 and for the six-year academic period 2017/2018 - 2022/2023, the Vice Rectors of the University are:

FORNARI prof. Roberto
Vice Rector with responsibility for Research (proxy with signature)

RAINIERI prof. Sara
Vice Rector with responsibility for Teaching and Student services (proxy with signature)

STORTI prof. Fabrizio
Vice Rector with responsibility for the Third Mission (proxy with signature)


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Prof. Paolo Andrei took up his position as Rector on 1 November 2017 following the Ministerial Decree 855/2017, for the academic sexennium 2017/2018-2022/2023.
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Paolo Martelli

Deputy Rector

Prof. Paolo Martelli has been appointed Deputy Rector as of 1 November 2017, for the duration of the rector's term of office.
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The Rector’s Delegates

In compliance with his/her functions, the Rector can nominate Delegates with own decree establishing duties and fields of competence.
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