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Register for examinations

The student may only sit the examinations after enrolment and, in any case, in a position of administrative regularity, in compliance with the prescriptions indicated in relation to study plans, propaedeuticities and course attendance.

It is possible to register for examinations exclusively through the ESSE3 system, by accessing your personal page in the EXAMINATIONS section, where you will find all the dates of the exams you can enrol in, or only those of the courses in your electronic booklet, which can be consulted in the "CAREER - Exams" menu.


To facilitate the use of the ESSE3 platform, the following content is available:

The ESSE3 system distinguishes between enrolments to:


corresponding to 2 different items in the EXAMS menu.

Under the heading SESSIONS, you will find all examination tests that are verbalised, i.e. that result in a career grade; under the heading PARTIAL EXAMS, you will find all non-verbalised examination tests.


  • an examination structured in a written test followed by an oral test will be entered in ESSE3 with a written test listed as ‘partial exams’ and an oral test listed under the heading ‘sessions’;
  • a written-only test is classified as ‘sessions’;
  • midterm evaluation tests ('in itinere' tests) are listed under ‘partial exams’.

The examinations of each course may be structured on one or more tests:

  • for examinations consisting of a single test, this will always be of the SESSIONS type;
  • in the case of examinations consisting of several tests, these will all be PARTIAL EXAMS except for the last one which will always be listed under SESSIONS.

Registration in ESSE3 is always compulsory for final examinations, i.e. verbalising final examinations; without such registration it will not be possible to upload a grade in the career.

To register for SESSIONS examinations you must:

  • have completed the teaching evaluation questionnaire (during the collection periods);
  • have gained attendance for that specific course by the date of the exam session.

For courses in which attendance is not compulsory, attendance is deemed to have been acquired on completion of the relevant lessons.


  • with the ESSE3 system it is necessary to submit the programme of study before you can register for an exam session or midterm test;
  • foreign exchange students must also use the ESSE3 system to enrol in their ESSE3 system to register for exam sessions;
  • students enrolled in four-year degree courses (pre-Reform DM.509) without educational credits will not be able to use the ESSE3 system to register for exam session, but will have to send an e-mail to the course Professor/lecturer.



Certificates of attendance

The recently reorganised degree courses provide for different ways of assessing attendance. 
Please refer to the guides on the websites of the individual 
Department websites.

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