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Allocation of contributions - year 2023

The University Board of Trustees, at its meeting on July 27, 2023, approved funding for cultural and social activities promoted by student bodies and associations for the year 2023.

Associations with representatives on department and/or degree course councils, officially constituted Student Associations within the University with at least 50 members as well as groups freely formed through the signatures of at least 50 students were eligible to apply.

Please note that, in accordance with the regulations, the deadline for closing activities and submitting proof of expenditure is one year from the date of funding approval. Funding for the year 2023 was approved by DELIBERATION CDA/27-07-2023/342, so the closing date for activities and related delivery of expenditure slips is set at 27/07/2024.

The deadline for activities and related delivery of expenditure slips is 27/07/2024.

Funding table year 2023 - Resolution CDA/27-07-2023/342

Requests for advances/reimbursements for the year 2023 can be submitted, using the forms below, by sending a PEC to

Advances/Refund Request Forms for Student Associations and Groups

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