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Enrolment under graduation conditions

Enrolment under a graduation condition allows students not to pay late fees in the event that they are unable to graduate by the end of the extraordinary session and are therefore obliged to pay late (but within the deadline indicated on form A/19 - Enrolment under a graduation condition) the first and second instalments for the following academic year.

Should the payment of the first and second instalments for the following academic year be made later than the annual due date (indicated on form A/19), the student will be subject to late payment even if enrolled under a graduation condition.

The application under condition does not cancel the IUV form for the first and second instalments already generated, which remains valid (despite the deadline indicated on it) and available in the student's reserved area.

The duly completed A/19 form must be forwarded by email to the relevant Student secretariat using the institutional email account.

Information is available on the Prospectus (Manifesto degli Studi).

Submission of the application is not compulsory.

Students enrolled or intending to enrol on degree courses at the University of Parma (including those enrolled under condition, undergraduates, those waiting to be transferred, pre-enrolled, those enrolled for tests, students waiting for rankings to be updated and students transferred from other universities) who wish to apply for a reduction in the amount of university fees for the academic year 2023/2024, must fill in the application on the ER-GO website from 03 July 2023 and by 03 November 2023 at 5pm.

Applications for the calculation of the personalised university contribution based on ISEE will not be accepted after the deadline of 03 November 2023 h. 17:00.


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