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Scholarships are financial support, provided on a competitive basis. The scholarship application must be submitted annually within the deadline stipulated in the announcement. Scholarships are announced at the regional level and the Agency that deals with right to study in Emilia-Romagna is Er.Go.

Those who get the scholarship, in addition to being exempt from paying university fees, receive an annual sum that varies according to the value of their ISEE and their status as on-campus student, off-campus student or commuter.

The application for scholarship is a separate procedure from the application for personalized university contribution and from the'possible inclusion in the no tax area (see Fees, university contributions and facilities)

  • economic: the notice of competition annually defines the maximum thresholds of ISEE (Indicator of Equivalent Economic Situation) and ISPE (Indicator of Equivalent Financial Situation) to access the benefits;
  • merit: are measured in college credits (CFUs) to be earned by of the specific dates contained in the notice.

Freshmen qualify for the scholarship and obtain the first installment only on the basis of the economic status requirement. They must then earn a specific number of credits to obtain the second and third installments of the scholarship and avoid returning the first installment.

Students in the years after the first in addition to meeting the financial requirements stated in the announcement, they must meet certain merit criteria in order to qualify for the scholarship and obtain the first and second installments and confirm the scholarship award and obtain the third installment in balance.

Accommodations of Er.Go

The Regional Company for the Right to Study (Er.Go) provides different types of housing services in university residences:

  • with access by ranking: aimed at students and female students off-site in possession of the expected requirements of economic conditions and merit, to meet the demand for permanence at an agreed accommodation for the entire academic year. The stay has a reduced cost defined by the specific notice.
  • facilitated-access: aimed at male and female students who have been awarded grants for participation in post-graduate training internship programs, enrolled in courses that grant double or multiple degrees from foreign partner universities who spend a period at the Parma campus, enrolled in courses at Istituti Tecnici Superiori (ITS) or off-site under specific agreements stipulated with ER.GO. The stay has a cost defined by the specific announcement.
  • open-access: aimed at those who need to meet the'need of short and occasional stay.

In addition to Er.Go's residential services, the University provides a special welcome service that makes use of a Housing Showcase, a useful online tool for searching for housing in Parma, and the support of specific staff at the Welcome Point Matricole.

Vetrina alloggi

Oltre ai servizi residenziali di Er.Go, l'Università mette a disposizione una apposito servizio accoglienza che si avvale di una Vetrina alloggi, strumento online utile per la ricerca di una casa a Parma.

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