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CORDA Project

At the University of Parma, thanks to the agreed collaboration with high schools, specific activities are carried out to facilitate the transition from high school to university courses.

The CORDA project, born in 2001 as /em>an orientation initiative for final year students of some High Schools who intended to undertake studies at the Faculty of Engineering in Parma, was then extended to all the University's Science Courses of Study, currently serves Schools throughout the province of Parma and some from the provinces of Reggio Emilia, Cremona, Mantua, Massa Carrara, and Piacenza.

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Selected Topics in Basic Mathematics

The Orientation Commission of the Department of Mathematical, Physical and Computer Sciences of the University of Parma decided to make some short videos with a selection of basic mathematics topics, with the aim of helping future students of Science or Engineering Degree Courses to fine-tune their incoming preparation.

The first videos will mainly cover the more theoretical aspects, but we will periodically add new material and plan to supplement it with some exercises done for each of the topics covered.

These topics will still be developed in the preparatory courses offered by the Athenaeum in September, before the start of each Academic Year. These short videos do not take the place of attending the propaedeutic courses, which remains indispensable, but they allow us to point out some topics of which an'absolute mastery is necessary in order to profitably tackle the first mathematics courses. The "indispensable" propaedeutic topics may vary from one undergraduate course to another, and certainly the entry level required for Mathematics, Physics and Engineering is higher, but the things covered here are useful to all our future students.


Every Tuesday at 3 p.m., a new pill will appear on Department YouTube channel which you can subscribe to in order to stay updated (other popular videos are also available on the channel):

For information:

Prof. Alberto Saracco email:

Prof. Alessandro Zaccagnini email:


Idea Project - Educational Integration

The IDEA Project - Educational Integration for Assisted Exercises is a project of the University of Parma that aims at an operational link between the High School and the'University, for a fruitful educational connection aimed at  reducing student difficulties and dropout phenomena.

It is governed by an agreement between /strong>the University and the Territorial School Offices of Parma, Piacenza and Reggio Emilia (Regional School Office for L'Emilia Romagna) and provides a theoretical-practical training and refresher course for high school teachers in the provinces concerned.

The agreed teaching activity is financed by the University and constitutes an employment of the school&#039s professional expertise at university sites in training and tutoring activities, also allowing exchanges of experience and circulation of training programs.

All information about the IDEA Project is available at the page: of the Department  of Mathematical, Physical and Computer Sciences, at the page of the Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Cultural />  


Skills and Jobs Platform

Skills and Labor Platform

The Competencies and Labor Platformwas born from a joint initiative of AlmaLaurea, INAPP, Unioncamere and OECD with the aim of presenting information on strong>professionalneeds;of Italian companies, on the skills needed to perform well the tasks of a profession and the strong>university training paths available in the country.

This information can help young people, families, workers and businesses to align the supply of skills with the demands of the labor market and take advantage of the transformations that are revolutionizing it by thinking about them already at the time of orientation towards the choice of the university path to take.

The Skills and Labor Platform is a "smart" tool that allows the user to obtain information on professional needs, skills and training paths by querying the databases of the various partners involved.
There are three entry points to the platform:
- Professions: where the user will find information on the professional needs of Italian companies, their demand disaggregated by level of education, and age.
- Skills: where the user will find information on the knowledge, skills and attitudes related to the different professional figures in the Italian labor market.
- Educational pathways: where the user will find information on degree courses provided by the Italian universities involved by Almalaurea with detail on the profile of graduates (e.g., satisfaction with the course taken or evaluation of infrastructure) and their employment status (e.g., employment rate or salary one year after graduation).
The entry points to the platform are linked to each other giving the user the possibility to move easily between the different thematic areas and obtain detailed information on the professional needs of Italian companies, the skills related to the different professional figures and the university training paths available in the country.

Being able to link together the characteristics of the professional profiles, the disciplinary and geographic areas in which they are required and the training paths to be taken to achieve the set professional goals, is certainly an excellent orientation approach, targeted, effective and of great help both for those approaching the moment of choosing university studies to undertake, and for those entering the world of work, with a view to measuring the skills acquired.

To access the platform:


Orient-mind project

The Project ORIENTA-MENTE /strong>is a project funded by the Regione Emilia Romagna, led by the strong>City of Parma in which the'University is currently participating as a partner. It's aimed at young people in junior and senior secondary schools with the aim of encouraging an informed approach to school, university and professional choice.

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