Università degli studi di Parma

Wi-Fi service

The University provides all users with wi-fi service that allows them to connect to the Internet with their mobile devices in a simple, immediate and secure way.

The wi-fi service coverage is distributed over all the University's halls thanks to the presence of more than 700 access points and is continuously expanding. 
Coverage is guaranteed in all lecture halls and study areas dedicated to students.

The service is intended for all users in possession of University credentials.

The University of Parma also adheres to the worldwide federation of universities and research institutions Eduroam (EDUcation ROAMing) to promote the free mobility of students, faculty and researchers and allows wi-fi connection to external users with the credentials of other federated institutions.

Connection mode and SSID

Access to the University of Parma wi-fi network is possible in several ways.

  • Federated access through eduroam (SSID eduroam): access, for all members of the Eduroam federation, to the wi-fi of the'University of Parma and other federated entities.  Access is recommended for users who use a stable wi-fi connection and which guarantees a higher level of security (via the 802.1X and WPA/WPA2 protocols). It allows for one-time credential entry. Configuration can be automated for many popular operating systems through the service eduroam_CAT (Configuration Assistant Tool).
  • WPA access (SSID UNIPR-WPA): similar access to Eduroam, it has the same technological features but allows access only to users with University accounts. As with Eduroam access, configuration can be automated using eduroam_CAT.

Event connectivity

To provide wi-fi connectivity to guests of events such as workshops, conferences or the like, temporary accounts can be created.
The creation and management of credentials (strictly personal to comply with current regulations) is the responsibility of the staff responsible for the organization of the event through a web page.
Once created, credentials must be activated: activation is possible for up to 15 days, but the procedure is repeatable up to 30 days after the date of creation. 
Credentials are functional immediately upon activation.
Access to the credential creation and management page is restricted to structured University staff.
The credential creation page is available at this link.

Enabled users

Structured users
x x
x x
validated guests
x x
Accounts of other
federated entities
x x
wi-fi enabled guests
x x
Self-registered pre-registration
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