Application for personalized university contribution

All students enrolled or intending to enroll in degree programs at the University of Parma (including those enrolled under condition, pre-enrolled, and transferring from other universities), may apply for reductions based on economic/wealth status and are required to report the data of the ISEE 2022 statement in the manner and within the deadline indicated below: the application must be submitted online at< starting from the 4th of July and by November 3, 2022 at 5 by accessing from the main menu under ONLINE SERVICES;

The student can fill out the application himself/herself on the ER.GO or he/she can avail him/herself of the assistance of the CAF (Tax Assistance Centers) affiliated with the University of Parma and ER.GO (the list with an indication of the territorial offices and opening hours is available on the website, which will fill it out, at the student's request, and transmit it to ER.GO within the same deadline indicated above (finalizing the application always by the student).

Failure to submit the application will result in the'allocation of the maximum grant provided for one's area, merit status and seniority of enrollment.

More info on Study Manifesto a.a. 2022-2023.

Login credentials

Credentials to access applications for benefits:

-students residing in Italy or in possession of an Italian identity document (ID card, driver's license, passport) will need to apply for digital identity (SPID, CIE or CNS) to access online services.

- students who do not reside in Italy access the online application with the credentials issued by the University. If the student is already enrolled at the University of Parma, he/she accesses the application form with the University credentials; if he/she is not yet enrolled, he/she can obtain them by connecting to the University website (from the link without the need to regularize the registration, following the directions proposed in the online procedure

- students who access the online application with the University credentials, even if they meet the requirements to apply for SPID, CIE  or CNS digital identity, will be subject to checks and the'possible eligibility/allocation of benefits  will be suspended pending the completion of the procedures for re-identification using SPID credentials.

All info on registering with the university information system and retrieving credentials for SPID users and non-SPID users can be found on the Guide

Special documentation for application for personalized university contribution: current ISEE

In some cases, it is possible to apply using the CURRENT ISEE issued on the basis of the ISEE 2022 Certificate valid for benefits for the right to university study. 

The current ISEE updates the value of the ISEE indicator by taking incomes for an earlier time period than the one used to calculate ISEE. Ordinarily, ISEE refers to incomes received in the previous second calendar year./strong>/p>

In some situations, in the presence of significant changes in income or assets, or as a result of adverse events (e.g., loss of employment termination of social security, welfare and indemnity benefits), these incomes and assets do not reflect the real economic situation of the household. In the cases of a change in the employment situation or interruption of treatment of one of the members or a change in the overall income situation of the household that is 25% higher than the income situation identified in the ordinarily calculated ISEE, a current ISEE is therefore given. This indicator is based on the income of the last twelve months (even only the last two months in the case of a component for which there has been an interruption of treatments not included in the total income for IRPEF purposes or a permanent employee for whom the loss, suspension or reduction of employment has occurred). Even in the event of a reduction in the total assets of the household of more than 20% compared to the asset situation identified in the ISEE calculated ordinarily, the possibility is given, as of April 1 of each year, to calculate a current ISEE on the basis of assets owned as of December 31 of the year preceding the year of submission of the DSU.

For more information regarding ISEE, you can consult the GUIDE to ISEE 2022 a.y. 2022/2023 published at

For further details see the Study Manifesto a.y. 2022-2023

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