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In this talk, I will propose the bulk gravitational dual of double scaled SYK. Remarkably, the low energy dynamics of SYK model is captured by the Schwarzian quan- tum mechanics, which is in turn holographically dual to JT gravity, the simplest realization of AdS/CFT, which has taught us various lessons about quantum black holes in the last years. Consequently , the bulk dual of DSSYK would provide an all-energy extension of JT Gravity, potentially offering a version of UV completeness for a theory of quantum Gravity. I will first briefly introduce the SYK model and present its exact quantization in the double scaling limit using chord diagrams. Inspired by the semiclassical analysis, I will then construct the holographic dictionary and perform a canonical quantization of the bulk theory, exactly reproducing all amplitudes of DSSYK. The proposed bulk dual will display several fascinating features, such as a deviation of the entropy profile from the usual Hawking formula and the discretization of spacetime at the quantum level.
In collaborazione con INFN - Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare
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