What it is and what it is for

The student card is the multi-service card of the'University of Parma: it is the personal identification card with which students can access the university services and, if they wish, the financial services of the bank that manages the University's treasury. In addition, students in possession of a student card can benefit from the conventions that the University has with commercial and cultural activities in the area.

The student card is issued by Crédit Agricole, the University's treasurer.

Thanks to the student card the student can:

  • be recognized in the conduct of the examinations (in case he/she does not have one, he/she may use an identification document);
  • use the services provided by the University (e.g., libraries);
  • take advantage of economic benefits reserved for students by external bodies and organizations (public transportation, museums, cinemas, exhibitions, events);
  • take advantage of agreements stipulated by the University with cultural and commercial activities in the area.

How to get it

1. be regularly enrolled in the current academic year in single-cycle degree courses, second-cycle degree courses, single-cycle degree courses, PhD programmes, and specialization schools;

2. upload a photo in digital format in your private area of the ESSE3 system, following the instructions published in the guide, unless the photo has already been uploaded during the registration process

3. write in the restricted area of the ESSE3 system the postal adress at which you wish to receive it.

If you indicated a foreign address, the student card will be automatically sent (and can be withdrawn) to the State Exams office, in piazzale S. Francesco 3.
If the applicant is doing the "Erasmus" at our University, the  card must be requested from the Erasmus & International Home staff in piazzale S. Francesco, 3.


Guide for photo upload's

What it looks like

The student card looks like a normal magnetic card, with the same format as a credit card, and has a set of data that makes it effectively personal and thus allows the person who owns it to be identified with certainty:

  • first and last name
  • tax code
  • unique holder identifier (barcode)
  • date of birth
  • place of birth
  • photo
  • expiration

The student card also features the logo of the University and the electronic circuit in which the card is accepted with payment functions.

Discounts and concessions

There are many concessions and discounts that students can apply thanks to the numerous agreements activated in recent years with commercial and cultural entities in the area.

To the agreements of the University with activities and commercial services of Parma and Province are added those obtained as a result of the agreement with Intercral Parma 

List of affiliated facilities and activities

Student card "CartaConto"

The student card, if the student wishes, can also be used as a reloadable payment card with IBAN with no activation, reissuance and monthly fees. The card can be activated online at https://unipr.cartaconto.credit-agricole.it or at a Crédit Agricole Italia branch.

By activating the "CartaConto" student card as a means of payment, the student gives consent to receive on the card the expected credits from the University and authorizes the Bank to notify the University the IBAN associated with the card.

Using the student card "CartaConto" allows you to benefit from various services and advantages offered by Crédit Agricole Cariparma:

  • Incoming and outgoing wire transfers, including salary crediting
  • Top up your card at Crédit Agricole Italia Banking Group ATMs and branches
  • Withdrawals at all banks 
  • University payments and credits (e.g. scholarships, language courses)
  • Phone top-ups
  • Customizable SMS Alert service on expenses

In addition, the following can be activated:

  • World Option, to withdraw and pay worldwide
  • Internet Option, to activate or deactivate the card to online payments whenever you want
  • 3DSecure service, to make online payments more secure.

To these are added innovative services:

  • Nowbanking APP to have home banking at your fingertips
  • Nowpay APP to instantly send small amounts of money to contacts in your smartphone address book, quickly and easily.

To get guidance on how to activate the "CartaConto" student card, the'dedicated manual.can be consulted;

More information about the student card "CartaConto" is available here.

Projects with Crédit Agricole for students

Following the signing of the agreement between the University and the Crédit Agricole Italia Banking Group, a collaboration has been launched that aims to provide students with a rich training and job orientation. 

These are just some of the collaborative projects for professional growth:

  • company visits, financial education training sessions and job orientation initiatives: to bring male and female students closer to the world of work and give them many insights to deepen their curiosity;
  • corporate internships: to realize a professional experience within an international and dynamic context;
  • Co-Creation: to experience and reinvent the bank in an unconventional and participatory way;

In case of theft or loss

If your card is lost or stolen, to request a reprint you must send studentcard@unipr.it an e-mail from your institutional address (@studenti.unipr.it) containing:

  • name
  • surname
  • freshman
  • social security number
  • reason for request (theft/loss/replacement due to deterioration/wrong data)
  • (in case of incorrect data) corrected data

The reprinting process may take more than 30 days.

If banking services are also active on the card, before making the request for the reissue procedure, it is necessary to contact directly Crédit Agricole Cariparma to proceed with the blocking.

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