Alma universitas studiorum parmensis A.D. 962 - Università di Parma

Functions - Article 9 Articles of Association

The Academic Senate, in particular:

2.1 formulates proposals and expresses mandatory opinions for the establishment, activation, modification or suppression of courses or other educational activities, as well as hubs, departments and Schools;

2.2 approves the General University Regulations in accordance with the provisions of Article 39(3) of the present Articles of Association;

2.3 approves, with the favourable opinion of the Board of Administration, the regulations on teaching and research, as well as the Degree Courses Regulations, in accordance with the provisions of Article 39(4) of the present Articles of Association;

2.4 approves, with the approval of the Board of Administration, the University Code of Ethics;

2.5 It expresses its mandatory opinion on the annual and triennial budget and on the final account of the University;

2.6 expresses mandatory opinions on tuition fees and scholarships for students;

2.7 expresses its mandatory opinion on the establishment of the Evaluation Committee and proposes to the Rector the members of the University Quality Assurance Committee;

2.8 has the power, by a majority of at least two thirds of its members, to propose to the electoral body, in accordance with the rules, a motion of no confidence in the Rector, no earlier than two years after the start of his/her term of office;

2.9 formulates proposals and mandatory opinions on the University's three-year planning document;

2.10 approves amendments to the Articles of Association in accordance with Article 45 of the present document;

2.11 appoints the external members of the Board of Administration, proposed by a five-member internal commission, of which the Rector is a member;

2.12 decides on the members of the Disciplinary Board established pursuant to Article 10 of Law 240/2010;

2.13 decides, on a proposal from the Rector, on breaches of the Code of Ethics, if these do not fall within the authority of the Disciplinary Board.

Composition - Art. 9 Statute


  • Prof.      Paolo Andrei


  • Prof.       Giovanni Francesco Basini
  • Prof.       Ovidio Bussolati
  • Prof.       Roberto Corradini
  • Prof.       Gabriele Costantino
  • Prof.       Giacomo Gnudi
  • Prof.       Mario Menegatti
  • Prof.       Antonio Montepara
  • Prof.       Diego Saglia
  • Prof.       Adriano Tomassini


Representatives for the Area of Chemistry and Life Sciences

  •  Prof.      Marco Bartoli
  •  Prof.      Matteo Manfredini

Representatives for the Area of Medical and Agro-Veterinary Sciences

  •  Prof.       Stefano Bettati
  •  Prof.ssa  Emma Chiavaro

Representatives for the Area of Science and Technology 

  • Prof.        Giulio Colavolpe
  • Prof.ssa   Maria Groppi

Representatives for the Area of Humanities

  • Prof.        Andrea Errera
  • Prof.        Stefano Magagnoli


  • Sig.          Luca Barchi
  • Dott.ssa   Simona Ferrari
  • Sig.          Gian Luca Pinardi


  • Sig.         Luca Antonino Cento
  • Sig.ra      Carlotta Chojwa
  • Sig.         Niccolò Di Scioscio 
  • Sig.ra      Rosita Nicolella Gentile
  • Dott.ssa  Valentina Lorusso
  • Sig.         Stefano Sala
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