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The University Quality Assurance Committee

The University Quality Assurance Committee performs functions of promotion, surveillance and monitoring of continuous quality improvement and defines processes and procedures for Quality Assurance. Considering the centrality of quality in the system of the University of Parma, the University Statute  defines the University Quality Assurance Committee as a University body and, in art.16, provides for and regulates its functions. 

The University Quality Assurance Committee is an operational body with tasks and functions set by the Statute and the University governing bodies. It constantly interacts with both the University bodies and the departmental teaching and research structures through the Departmental Quality Assurance Committee.   

The Vice Rector with responsibility for Teaching and Student Services, the Pro Rector with responsibility for Research and the Pro Rector with responsibility for the Third Mission are permanently invited to the sessions of the University Quality Assurance Committee.

For any information or clarifications, you can contact the University Quality Assurance Committee at the email address:




Prof.ssa @Patrizia Santi - Coordinator

Prof.ssa @Ilaria De Munari - Teaching staff member

Prof.ssa @Lorella Franzoni - Teaching staff member

Prof. @Massimo Magnani - Teaching staff member

Prof.ssa @Susanna Palladini - Teaching staff member

Prof. @Francesco Sansone - Teaching staff member

Avv. @Anna Maria Perta - Manager of the Teaching, Internationalisation and Student Services Area

Dott. @Emilio Iori - Technical-administrative staff representative

Dott.ssa Martina Rega - Student Representative

Sig.ra Giulia Russo - Student Representative

Cross-discipline course unit on "Quality Assurance in education and training: processes, methods and strategies in the Universities in Italy"

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