Alma universitas studiorum parmensis A.D. 962 - Università di Parma
Last update: November 14, 2022

Access to university premises

  •  Individuals with a SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) positive test, a body temperature higher than 37.5 °C and anyone with COVID-19-like symptoms are requested to refrain from accessing the university premises
  • Use of surgical or community masks and respiratory protective devices:

- the use of surgical or community masks is recommended in all areas of the university, especially in classrooms and teaching spaces, including study halls and libraries
- the use of surgical or community masks is strongly recommended in all the remaining spaces of the university
- the use of FFP2 type protective equipment is mandatory for frail subjects. For detailed information and protective actions please contact the Preventive Medicine Service of the University of Parma (

  • In teaching spaces and classroom seating, individuals must keep a safe distance of 1 meter from others, wherever possible. The following therefore applies:

- when possible, depending on the number of attendees, seats must be occupied by skipping rows and seats, preferring an even distribution and opting for seats placed at a greater distance; in classrooms with fixed seats, a chequerboard pattern of seating must be used
- in all other cases, students enter the classrooms by progressively occupying all available seats while maintaining as homogenous a distribution as possible

  • Wash your hands frequently, preferably with water and neutral soap
  • Regularly open the windows for fifteen minutes for natural ventilation, at every change of lesson or at least every two hours.


Since April 1st 2022 classes are in presence, in compliance with safety standards, training requirements and class schedule as indicated in the official calendar. The maximum classroom capacity is 100% of the available seats, without seat reservation. To facilitate the learning process, especially in relation to working and frail students, materials such as slides, video recordings of the lessons (prepared by the lecturer and instrumental in improving the participation and inclusiveness of the learning experience) and other relevant material will be available on the access platform of the courses for at least 15 days.

Academic progress examinations and graduation sessions

Academic progress examinations, learning assessments and graduation exams are conducted according to the same criteria outlined above.

Lecturers and teachers may opt for teaching in remote mode if they are in mandatory quarantine. In special situations, which must be duly declared and certified through the completion of an appropriate form, candidates may request to take the test in remote mode: - isolation due to positivity to SARS-CoV-2 or in quarantine - inability to attend in presence due to exemption from Covid-19 vaccination, as per the Ministry of Health Circular of 4 August 2021

In degree sessions, candidates may invite a maximum number of guests as indicated by the Departments, according to specific logistical and organisational requirements, and in any event not exceeding the classroom capacity.

Students' receptions

Student receptions are held in person at least once a week. They may also be held remotely by appointment with the lecturer.

Post-graduate courses (third-level education)

Master's degree courses, advanced courses, continuing and permanent training courses and PhD courses (third-level education) are held in accordance with the same criteria set out above, and in compliance with any other provision which may be adopted by the university structure of reference.


Internal and external traineeships, also in foreign institutions and enterprises, are carried out in presence, in compliance with safety standards. The same procedures apply to professional traineeships, both within the curriculum and after it, when required for qualifying for a profession, subject to the opinion of the professional association concerned.

The quantification of COVID-19 contagion risks related to outbound traineeship activities carried out at public and private contracted entities, remains defined in the assessments made by the host party (contracted entity) because of its activities and workplaces. Hence, apprenticeship activities are carried out in the manner dictated by the regulatory acts for the production sectors of reference of the apprenticeship location, as well as in compliance with the prevention and safety provisions adopted by the host party (contracted organisation).

Incoming traineeship activities, including those related to the Pathways for Transversal Competences and Orientation (PCTO), are carried out according to the same criteria set out above and in compliance with any other provisions which may be adopted by the relevant university structure.

Laboratories and workshops

Educational workshops and field activities are held in presence, in compliance with safety standards. The maximum capacity of the laboratories is 100% of the available seats, without seat reservations. 

Whereby students have to carry out training activities in pairs or groups, rotations are to be avoided as far as possible; the above criteria must be adopted for all remaining aspects.

Libraries and study halls

The rules set out in the previous points apply also to the University libraries, study halls and the premises intended for student services.

Positive cases and close contacts

In cases of close contact with a COVID-19 positive individual (e.g. a cohabitant), an FFP2 type mask must be worn at all times when in the university premises.

In case of confirmed positivity, if the positive person has been attending the university premises in the 48 hours preceding the appearance of symptoms or of taking the positive swab, it is compulsory to inform the Workers' Preventive Medicine Service ( and the representatives of the positive person’s course of study (President of the CdS and DADP and Tutor for the health professions). People who have been in close contact with an ascertained positive individual must always use FFP2 type masks when in the university premises.

It is still necessary to contact the Workers' Preventive Medicine Service ( for readmission to teaching activities following a SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Students who show flu symptoms while at the university premises must suspend their activities and request the assistance of first-aid officers if necessary. First-aid officers will contact the University of Parma's Preventive Medicine Service for Workers ( - tel. 0521 033101 - 0521 033103) if necessary.

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