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Didactics and Learning Agreement (Study Plan)

In this section you will find all the information you need to fill out your study plan (Learning Agreement) at the University of Parma, such as the teachings open to exchange students, teachings in English, and guides for writing the Learning Agreement.

The new Erasmus Without Papers (EWP) protocols for ERASMUS+ students are currently implemented by several European universities. Therefore, identifying the correct platform to use when completing this document is an important and delicate step. The University of Parma accepts the following LA formats:

- Online Learning Agreement (OLA) web platform. This European platform allows you to prepare the document and receive comments, approvals and signatures online, in accordance with the Erasmus Without Paper standards.

- Digital/EWP versions supported by your home university's online platform.

- Paper versions of the Learning Agreement. In case you opt for this version, you may find a Word version available at the dedicated web page.

We do NOT accept Learning Agreements via e-mail. Please follow the instructions in the dedicated section of the Handbook to send us your Learning Agreement.

Non-ERASMUS+ students and ERASMUS+ ICM students can provide their Learning Agreement in hard copy, available here.

Guide on how to find information and fill out your Learning Agreement

How to find teachings to add to your Learning Agreement

Below are some useful links and resources you will need to fill out the Learning Agreement:
- List of UNIPR courses available to exchange students - this Excel file, published every summer, summarizes important information about courses, such as:
- Department in which a course is offered
- Course name
- Course code and credits
- Name of the lecturer teaching the course
. - List of UNIPR courses taught in English
You can also use the following online tool to choose courses:
- Webpage for searching UNIPR teachings: Search Teachings

Please note that although the titles of the Training Units available at the links above are listed in Italian and English respectively, this is not a reference to the language in which the course is taught.This information is available in the detail of each course unit.

Exchange students may choose to take courses from different Departments or Degree Courses.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the course code, course name and number of credits MUST be matching; otherwise, you will not be able to register for the exam corresponding to the course

Educational Offerings

Academic Offer for Exchange Students a.y. 2024-2025

Please note that the academic offer for 2024-2025 is not yet final. It will be published at the end of June and sent via email to nominated students.

You can start familiarizing yourself with our past academic offerings.

- Extract of educational offerings for students of the Department of Medicine and Surgery


Academic Offer for Exchange Students a.y. 2023-2024

- Detailed list of teachings available for exchange students in the academic year 2023-2024.

- Extract of educational offerings for students of the Department of Medicine and Surgery academic year 2023-2024.

- List of English language teaching 2023-2024

Academic Offer for Exchange Students a.y.2024-2025

Academic Offer for Exchange Students a.y. 2023-2024

English language teaching 2023-2024

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