Fees amounts

The annual enrollment amount for the academic year 2022-23 for undergraduate courses at the University of Parma consists of:

  • Regional fee of 140 euros
  • Virtual stamp duty of 16 euros
  • All-inclusive university contribution calculated in a personalized and proportional way on the basis of the ISEE (Indicator of Equivalent Economic Situation) indicator only, applying the'special calculation formula.

The values of minimum and maximum contributions and minimum and maximum ISEE are given in this table.

In the case of ISEE exceeding 70,000, or in the absence of ISEE data communication by the deadline indicated below, students are required to pay the absolute maximum contribution provided for their course field and condition of merit and seniority.

Pdf amounts table

As previously indicated, to the amounts calculated by the above formula you should add:

  • Regional tax 140 euros
  • Virtual stamp duty 16 euros

All students enrolled or intending to enroll in degree courses at the University of Parma (including students on conditional enrollment, pre-enrolled, test-takers, students waiting for rankings to be changed and students transferring from other universities) who want to apply for a reduction on the amount of tuition fees and contributions, must fill in the application form on ER.GO website by 5:00 p.m. of 3rd November 2022 without exception. No applications will be accepted after this deadline. Students who do not apply for reductions will be required to pay the absolute maximum contribution provided for their field and their merit and seniority status.


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