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INFO Results - registration pre-immatriculation

INFO Results - registration pre-immatriculation

As indicated on art. 9 of the Competition Notice

Candidates will be able to check whether they have qualified for admission to the chosen Doctorate Program, in the reserved dedicated website area, under the item admission tests, by logging in with the same procedures used to register for the competitive examination on the University website

The publication of the short-list on the website shall be the only official publiations of the outcomes of the competitive examination and, therefore, no personal notification shall be sent to the winning candidates.

As indicated on art. 10 of the Competition Notice the winning candidates shall complete a registration before formal immatriculation using EXCLUSIVELY the ONL-LINE procedure, accessing the page from 19th December 2022, 10.00 pm (italian time) to no later than 21th December 2022, 12.00 pm (italian time) by accessing the reserved dedicated area clicking on students' office/matriculation (Segreteria/Immatricolazione/immatricolazione online/IMMATRICOLAZIONE STANDARD).


After entering online, the candidate must print the enrollment form by including their signature and the date, and send it, together with the documentation indicated below, by email to  or deliver it, by appointment, directly to the UO Post Graduate Training - Research Doctorates - P.le San Francesco, 3 - 43121 Parma (open to the public: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday from 09.00 to 12.00 - Thursday from 09.00 to 13.00) no later than 22th December, 2022.

Foreign citizens results winners shall complete and submit the above-mentioned forms reserved for them. For information and assistance regarding the Tax ID Code, accomodation and Permit of stay, foreign citizens may contact the CENTRO ACCOGLIENZA E INCLUSIONE (

Forms to be presented: 


INPS obligations for SCHOLARSHIP holders

1. Accettazione BORSA ITALIANI normale
3. Accettazione BORSA STRANIERI - IT ver
3. SCHOLARSHIP acceptance for foreign – EN ver
4. Dichiarazione per iscrizione STRANIERI senza borsa IT ver
4. DECLARATION ENROLLMENT without scholarship for FOREIGN – EN ver
5. Dichiarazione per profilo ORCID – IT ver
5. Declaration for ORCID profile – EN ver
6. Dichiarazione per iscrizione LAUREATI fuori sede Parma  
7. Modulo rinuncia alla borsa di studio al momento dell’iscrizione
7. Renounciation of the financial aid at the enrollment
8. Modulo di rinuncia all'iscrizione al corso di dottorato - IT ver
8. Renounciation to the enrollment – EN ver


EXPIRED on Novembre 29, 2022 download the COMPETITION NOTICE for the Admission to the XXXVIII Cycle Doctoral Program - SUPPLEMENTARY call

DEADLINE: no later than 1 p.m. (local time) on November 29, 2022



apply for the competition: Online application - GUIDE TO APPLICATION
** if you are a new student, AT FIRST register on the esse3 platform (see GUIDE), if you already have credentials, proceed with registering for the competition.

!!! ATTENTION !! the online application process will be available from 12 noon (local time) on 14 November 2022.

Composition JUDGING COMMISSIONS - appointed by Rectoral Decree No. 2072/2022 - Prot. No. 279333 of 17/11/2022

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