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University's electronic mail service

The University provides all users with a suite of cloud-based services based on the latest Microsoft technologies in the communication and collaboration front. Indeed, through the Microsoft 365 platform it is possible to take advantage of: e-mail, collaboration tools, content sharing, messaging and more.

Thanks to the adherence to the single national framework agreement "Education Alliance Agreement Istituzione Superiore" entered into between the Microsoft Company and the CRUI Foundation, said suite of services is made available free of charge by Microsoft, which manages the infrastructure, leaving the University in control of the users' right of access.

The system offers guarantees in terms of security and reliability as well as a more integrated e-mail user experience with the distance learning system currently in use and with the applications that the University has already made available to users on the Microsoft 365 platform (Operating System license, the Office Apps, One Drive, Teams, etc...).

The email service constitutes a privileged channel for communication between the University of Parma and its users.

Named e-mail addresses (except homonyms) are of the form:



I forgot my password. What should I do to retrieve it?
If you have lost your login password, you can retrieve it through a simple procedure indicated in the dedicated web page; you need to choose the menu item Credentials Management and then Lost Password Recovery.
I remember the old password, but how can I change it?
You can change your password at any time. Simply go to the dedicated web page and choose the menu item Manage Credentials then Change Password.
I received the activation code. What is it for? Isn't it the password?
In some cases, such as when you request assistance from a technician or student secretary, you may receive an account activation code that is not the new password.
With that temporary code (which can be used only once), you activate the account and have the opportunity to enter a personal password of your choice. The'operation should be done at'web address
My account appears to be locked. How come? What should I do?
Microsoft blocks users when it detects abnormal usage and suspects possible compromise. If after 24 hours it has not been restored perform these steps.
First you need to check for viruses, spyware, malware, etc. on all  devices you use to read student mail (including smartphones) and remove them if necessary.

Having done this you need to take care of changing the password with the standard procedure 

Once these activities are completed contact us at to request reactivation.

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