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What is the University logo

The University logo is the graphic and visual representation of the identity of the University of Parma.

It must be reproduced in full compliance with the indications contained in the "Corporate Identity Manual" in order to ensure graphic consistency and recognisability of the university institution.

The University logo consists of the seal (round symbol) and the "UNIVERSITÀ DI PARMA" logotype.

The main configuration is epigraphic:


Possible other versions of the logo, which can be used to respond functionally to specific needs, are contained in the "Corporate Identity Manual".

The chosen font is Whitney.

It is necessary and mandatory to reproduce the logo in full (seal and logotype).

The logo must always be used only in the versions indicated in the "Corporate Identity Manual" without being altered, edited, reconstructed.

How to apply for permission to use the logo

For authorisation procedures, please refer to the Regulations for the use of the logo of the University of Parma

In particular:

University staff

The use of the University logo by the University of Parma's teaching and technical-administrative staff for initiatives falling within the scope of normal institutional activities (teaching, research, administrative or communication) does not require authorisation from the Rector.

The University's "Corporate Identity Manual" is available to all University staff in its complete form, together with the logo files, in a web area reserved for University staff, which can be accessed using authentication credentials.

Student theses

Students at all levels (first-, second-, single-cycle degrees, specialization schools, PhD courses, professional master programmes) must display the University logo on the cover and title page of their theses, for the use of which no authorisation is required.

Here below you can find the logotype file (logotype for degree thesis) and a section from the "Guide of corporate identity" containing the instructions for its proper use.

Third parties

Requests for the use of the University logo may be made by third parties (associations, public bodies, private companies and other entities) in the case of sponsorships, collaborations of various kinds with the University, scientific and cultural initiatives and consequent communication activities in any medium (newspapers, posters, radio/TV, web, etc.).

For requests for free use the procedure is as follows:

1.    The request should be sent via e-mail to the Rector (, indicating:

  • the reason for the authorisation request
  • the context in which the University logo will be reproduced
  • the support/media that will be used
  • the duration of use.

2.    Following any authorisation by the Rector, the Institutional Communication and Ceremonial Events of the University will send a positive response, along with the logo files and an extract of the "Corporate Identity Manual" containing the instructions to be followed for correct use.

The normal time frame for obtaining the University logo, from the moment the request is authorised by the Rector, is 3 working days.

For requests for the use of the logo in return for payment please refer to the Regulations for the use of the logo of the University of Parma.

Corporate Identity Manual

The "Corporate Identity Manual", which came into force on 1 January 2017, is a document for internal use by University staff that collects and provides instructions on how to use the logo and the basic elements that make up the coordinated image of the University of Parma and presents a series of examples of how the coordinated image can be used in the various communication materials, to be applied for the correct representation of the entire visual identity system of the University.

The Manual is available for download in its entirety in a reserved area of the institutional website where the digital templates of the logo and some of the most commonly used materials (letterheads, resolutions, etc.) are also available to the University staff, while an extract of the Manual is available for download (for external use and for students' theses) from this page.

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