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Extracurricular internships

Extracurricular internships, also called optional postgraduate internships, are paths with professionalizing and work orientation purposes they do not constitute employment relationships nor do they obligate the trainees to be hired, but at the same time they allow the trainees to get to know human resources for possible hiring.

The University of Parma activates, as a Promoting Entity, extracurricular internships in favor of its <&strong>former students who have obtained a university degree not more than 12 months ago (bachelor, doctorate or master)

No CFUs  are to be acquired for interns, unlike for curricular internships.

The maximum duration /strong>of an internship is norm equal to 6 months.

p>The regulatory competenceregarding extracurricular internships is regional therefore, it is necessary to comply, with specific exceptions, with the provisions in force in the Region where the internship's operational headquarters is located.

In order to initiate the internship, an agreement between the Host Entity (public or private entity) and the University (Promoting Entity) must be entered into.

Attached to the stipulation of the agreement is the drafting of an /strong>individual training project (PFI) representative of certain professional skills that the trainee will develop during the training.

Extracurricular traineeships provide in favor of the trainee the payment of an allowance of compulsory participation paid by the Host Institution.

Information by host institution

"Are you a business in the area and want to become a host?

All employers, & both private and public, who meet the requirements of national and regional regulations may host interns....>read more

Information for trainee

Are you looking for experience that will orient you to the world of work?

The extracurricular internship offers you the opportunity to undertake a pathway aimed at facilitating career choices as well as the'employability of young graduates and undergraduates in the transition from university to the world of work...read more

Internships in Emilia-Romagna

What the Region does

The internship is one of the tools that the Region promotes to support the job placement of people, especially young people, and to support their career choices.

This is not an employment relationship but a training mode that makes people acquire new skills through direct knowledge of the world of work read more.../strong>

Extracurricular internship start dates.

The placements of trainees at host institutions may occur on a biweekly basis.

The start date of the internship will then be calendarized as follows:

  • start of the internship with induction on the 1st day of the month
  • start of the internship with induction on the 15th day of the month /strong>/lt;/li>

If the start day falls on a non-working day or a holiday, the start of the internship slips to the first useful working day.

Hosts and trainees are therefore urged to take note of the start dates for the planning of the internship./p>

Insurance coverages for the internship

In application of national legislation on extracurricular internships, as well as as a result of regulatory provisions at the regional level, it is necessary to define within the agreement the entity (Host Organization/Promoting Entity) on which burden the mandatory insurance coverages.

In application of the above, the University will proceed to the conclusion of the new agreements with the provision of the following distribution of insurance charges:

  • Insurance coverage for Accident at INAIL -  to be borne by the Host
  • Insurance coverage for Third Party Liability (TPL)with suitable private insurance company - to be borne by the Promoter.

The University also reinforces the'accident damaging event with an additional optional insurance coverage for the "accident risk" taken out with suitable insurance company.

For existing multi-year/collective agreements, an ad hoc review of the conditions will be carried out. 

FAQ Internships

Want quick and easy information about extracurricular internships?

Are you not clear on how it works?

Who can I contact to activate the internship?

here all the info 

Dépliant servizio tirocini

Rispetto a quanto indicato nel dépliant, la fascia di reperibilità telefonica della U.O. Tirocini (stage extracurriculari) è stata modificata come di seguito indicato: mercoledì e venerdì dalle ore 9,30 alle ore 11,30.


CONTACT UO Internships

You can contact the'Internships Organizational Unit (Postgraduate Internships) through:



b>0521 033450 

(by phone from 9.30 am to 11.30 am on Wednesdays and Fridays)

It is recommended, as a matter of priority, to use and send an e-mail message to the indicated address, which, constantly manned, ensures a more expeditious handling of requests. Thank you.


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