How to register for profit exams

It's possible to register for the exams exclusively through the ESSE3 system, available at page:

Access to ESSE3 is done by using one's University credentials (user name of the type <firstname.lastname> and related password).

Once authenticated, the system will show in the EXAMS menu all the dates of the exams for which you can enroll, or those of only the teachings in your electronic booklet, which can be consulted in the "CAREER - exams".

How to activate an internship during the Master's program

You can find more information regarding the internship period 

Information on self-certification and certificates

Requests for certificates should be sent to the following e-mail address:

Below is the link to the guide for obtaining certificates


The payment of the master's admission fees amounting to 30 euros, for master's degrees in which there is a selection and the matriculation fee must be made through PagoPA. In the attached guide below you will find the information to carry out the procedure.

Teacher's Card

span>use the faculty bonus, up to its maximum value of 500 euros, to cover all or part of the tuition fees. The University is in fact accredited to the ministerial teacher card system.


span>Interested teachers/students should access the /span>instructions to follow are available in the portal itself./span>/span>/span>/span>/span>/span>/p>

The University of Parma is accredited only as "exercise" so the voucher will have to be generated with that type./span>

The voucher must then be printed or saved in digital format (pdf) and delivered or mailed, together with the <form attached below< to the appropriate student secretary, who will validate the voucher itself and record the payment covering all or part of the tuition fees. If the'amount does not cover the fees in full, the secretary will generate the remaining iuv that the teacher/student will have to pay./span>/span>/span>/span>/span>/span>/span>/span>/span>

Enrollment contribution paid by the company  of which the'enrollee

Information on

will be posted here shortly;

Refund of application fee

address email /span>/span>/span> together with a copy of ID and social security number. /span>




modulo dichiarazione pagamento da esterni

registration fee refund request form

Title application procedure

The online degree-granting application (DCT) process is now active. Burners should log on to link /span>/span>/span>/span>/span>/span>/span>/span>/span>span>/span>/span>/span>/span>/span>/span>/span>


Regular enrollment in the course year (for two-year master's degree programs regular enrollment in the second year)/span>/span>/span>/span>/span>/span>/span>/span>/span>/p>

student with active career (be in good standing with payment of fees)/span>/span>/span>/span>/span>/span>/span>/span>/p> /span>/span>/span>/span>/span>/span>/span>/span>/span>/p>

span>dissemination to third party companies of their personal and career data. This data, selected when filling out the DCT, will therefore be considered final./span>/span>/span>/span>/span>/span>/span>/span>/lt;/span>/p>


guida domanda conseguimento titolo

Suspension of studies

A student may request temporary suspension of a career related to a master's degree by submitting a reasoned application. Suspension may be requested, for any of the following reasons: attendance of study abroad, attendance of a university master's degree or higher education, attendance of teacher training and qualifying courses, enrollment in a graduate school or doctoral program, serious and prolonged infirmity duly certified, as well as for the birth of a child. During the suspension period, the student is not required to pay tuition and university fees with respect to the suspended career and is precluded from any teaching activities. The student must make a formal request to the Master Executive Committee by submitting the attached form. To resume teaching activities, the student must request formal reactivation of his or her career with the attached form

Renunciation of studies

Withdrawal from studies is an irrevocable formal act by which the student decides to end his university career. Attached is the form to submit the renouncement of enrollment in a University Master.


University Masters and Advanced Courses

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tel. 0521 033708

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