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How to enrol

Italian and foreign citizens who are not enrolled in university courses, even if already in possession of a university qualification, may enrol in single course units and take the relative exams. They will then receive a regular certificate for a maximum number of 30 credits (without prejudice to the possibility for the competent Course Councils to increase the above-mentioned number of credits for justified educational needs), subject to payment of the fees according to the following table:

  •  Registration fee for one single course unit € 361
  •  Any additional single course unit € 160

Registration is valid for one academic year only.

Amounts paid for enrolment in single course units are non-refundable

Once you have chosen your course(s), after applying for authorisation to the relevant Course Council (check the course catalogue on website), you should contact the student registry office to which the chosen course(s) refers/refer to. The registry office will invoice the virtual revenue stamp required for submitting the application. The following documents must be submitted to the student registry office after payment of the stamp: 

  • application (Form A/41) and authorisation.
  • self-certification of qualification, if any ( Form A/3 may be used)
  • copy of a valid identity document
  • copy of tax code
  • proof of payment of the amount requested (by using the appropriate form issued by the student registry office. You can pay at any bank in Italy).

Teachers recruitment system

The University of Parma, in response to the requirements of the new teachers recruitment system, offers 24 credits in blended modality, to be taken as single courses, in the anthropology-psycho-pedagogy field, for students in their First-cycle, Second-cycle degrees, or already graduated. The University has provided a supporting system for the acquisition of these credits, up to free of charge enrolment in such courses.

For information on the range of courses on offer and on how to benefit from the supporting system, please refer to the dedicated communication available at this page:


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