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Why register?

You must register with the university's information system (ESSE3) first to be able to carry out all operations related to your university career, first of all enrolment. After registration you will obtain the credentials to access your personal area of the website, where you can carry out all procedures.

If you are interested in a course with chronological order of enrolment and merit evaluation, please register before enrolment opens, so as to reserve your place on July 11th and avoid re-entering your registration details.

Registration with SPID credentials

If you are of legal age and an Italian national (Italian citizenship OR Fiscal Code with Italian place of birth), you must register using your SPID credentials; you can use SPID even if you do not fall into these categories, if you have it.

You can login and select Register/Login to be directed to the University Online Registry Service portal, where you must enter your data.

Registration without SPID credentials

If you are a minor or a non-Italian citizen, you can register without SPID credentials by registering on this page.

You will be asked to provide your personal details, an identity document, your home address and e-mail address.

Credentials Activation

Upon completion of both registration procedures, you will get:

  • Temporary User Code (8-digit numerical code)
  • Password Activation Code

To activate your credentials connect to this link. Type in the Temporary User Code and the Password Activation Code obtained in the “Username” and “Password Activation Code” fields.

Only upon completion of all steps will you be able to:

  • Go to the following page;
  • click on Register/Login;
  • insert username (numeric code previously provided by the University) and password to proceed to the next phase, or use SPID credentials.

You can now access all online procedures including enrolment.


To learn more about the registration procedure consult the 2023-24 Study Manifesto, which will be published by June 2023.

Registration Guidelines

If you are unable to register, please consult the specific guide with detailed instruction on the procedure.

Useful contacts

For help and support call 0521 902050, the toll-free number 800904084 or write to helpdesk.studenti@unipr.it specifying your personal data (name, surname, tax code) and the issues you are experiencing.

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