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How it works

You can opt for this mode of enrolment if you think you cannot devote the necessary time to study while keeping in mind, however, that by choosing to enrol as a part time student you will be able to graduate in 6 years for first-cycle degree courses and in 4 for second-cycle degree courses.

You can apply for part time during the enrolment process by filling in and uploading the form A51.

The part-time mode is binding for two years: you can then decide to switch to full time in your third year.

Part-time enrolment is provided for all degree courses except for single-cycle degree courses (Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology and Law) and courses with national admission test (Medicine and Surgery, Veterinary Medicine, School of Dental Medicine, Architecture Regeneration Sustainability, Health Professions courses, Nursing and Midwifery Sciences).

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