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How it works

The single-cycle degree courses in Medicine and Surgery, Dentistry and orthodontics, Veterinary Medicine, the degree course in Architecture Regeneration Sustainability and all the Health Professions require nationwide programmed access.

To enroll in one of these courses you must first pass an entrance test.

From academic year 2023/2024, students will have to pass CISIA’s TOLC-MED and TOLC-VET tests to access single-cycle master’s degree courses in Medicine and Surgery, Dentistry and orthodontics, and Veterinary medicine.

TOLC-MED and TOLC-VET tests will be held in two sessions, in April and/or July 2023.

TOLC will be held on April 13th -14th -17th -18th and 19th and on July 17th-18th-19th-20th and 21st, and there will be 2 daily sessions (TOLC-MED).

TOLC-VET will be held on July 17th and 18th.

Detailed information can be found within the respective calls.


You can access the calls of the nationally-scheduled access courses of your interest by clicking on the following links:

Architecture regeneration sustainability - first admission test: 26 July 2023, second admission test: 5 September 2023 (CISIA TEST-ARCHED)

Medicine and Surgery 2023/2024

Veterinary medicine 2023/2024

Dentistry and orthodontics 2023/2024

Health professions - test on Thursday 14 September 2023 (on 18 September for Dental Hygiene)

Nursing and midwifery sciences - test on Thursday 28 September 2023 

How to enrol

If you are "assigned" or "booked" on the single-cycle degree courses in Medicine and Surgery, Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics and Veterinary Medicine, you must first register with the university information system ESSE3 (instructions can be found on the dedicated page), then send an e-mail to the student secretariat ( or, wait for their confirmation email then proceed with enrolment as indicated below within the deadline specified in the communication.

To enrol log in with your SPID or University credentials (if you fall into a category excluded from the obligation to register with SPID).


  • select the menu item SEGRETERIA>IMMATRICOLAZIONE;
  • choose your course of study and enter the information and documents required;
  • download the enrolment application and download or view the IUV bulletin with the amount of the first instalment (in the Payments section of the Segreteria menu);
  • pay the bulletin at any authorised bank counter in Italy or through another payment system accepted by PagoPA (for information on the PagoPA payment system, consult the dedicated page).

The University will then send you an e-mail confirming enrolment, matriculation number and institutioanal email address (

Useful contacts

For help and support call the toll-free number 800904084 or write to, specifying your personal data (name, surname, tax code) and the issues you are experiencing.

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