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You can have access by chronological order of enrolment with merit enhancement through high school final grade to the following degree courses: Biology; Biotechnology; Chemistry; Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology; Constructions, Infrastructures and Territorial Management; Pharmacy; Quality and procurement of raw materials for agri-food; Educational sciences; Food science and technology; Sport sciences, physical exercise and human health.

In order to be included in the ranking list you will have to make the place reservation from July 7 and enter your high school final grade before and after this date. Your position in the ranking list will be determined by both of these factors:

  • chronological order of place reservation;
  • high school final grade.

The place reservation procedue is free of charge. You can contemporarily book a place for one or more courses having this access modality. 

You can also reserve a place if you have already enrolled in another course. Subsequently, in case of good placing in the ranking list, you will need to withdraw from studies or ask for course passage or option.

All the steps listed below are entirely online and must be preceded by registration to the University online registry service (ESSE3).

If you are interested in a course with this access modality please register before the opening of enrolments. This way, on 7th July, you will be able to proceed directly to reserve your place without having to re-enter the data required during registration.

How to enter high school grade

You can enter your high school final grade from 9 a.m. July 1 to 2 p.m. July 14, 2022.

To enter your high school diploma information you must:

  1. enter the page 
  2. click on Register/Login
  3. insert username (numeric code obtained with registration) and password or log in with SPID (except on 7th July)
  4. click on the HOME menu item and select Qualifications.

Should you enter your high school final grade on July 7 and in the following days please give priority to the place reservation process so as not to risk losing useful positions in the ranking list. You will be able to enter your final grade immediately after you reserve your place.

If you do not enter your diploma data you will be placed on the ranking list with a minimum grade of 60/100.

How to reserve the place

You can reserve your place in one or more courses having access with this modality from July 7 to noon on July 14, 2022.

On July 7, each of these courses will have its own opening time for reservations. Before the established time, the course will not be visible in the list of the selectable ones within the Reserved Area where you can access the procedure.

Here are the opening hours for place reservations for each course:

  • 11 a.m. - CHEMISTRY
  • 12 o'clock - BIOLOGY
  • 5 p.m. - PHARMACY

The steps you have to follow to reserve the place are:

  • enter the page 
  • click on REGISTER/ACCEPT
  • enter username (numeric code obtained with registration) and personal password (on July 7 the SPID will not be active)
  • select the type and the name of the course  
  • confirm the choice  

At the end of the procedure you will obtain the unique identification code (numeric code) with which you can identify yourself in the ranking list.

On July 20, 2022 at 12 p.m. the ranking list of the degree courses with this access modality will be published. The ranking list(s) in which you have enrolled will also be published in your reserved area and will display the unique identification code obtained at the time of booking, the date of birth and the status (admitted/not admitted) which will be the result of the chronological order of place reservation with your high school final grade (if entered).

Scrolls and expression of interest

After July 26, 2022, the scrolls will be made.

After the first phase of the run-downs, the expression of interest will be activated from 9 a.m. on September 1 to 2 p.m. on September 6, 2022 at which time those who have so far been excluded from the available places but are in the ranking list may declare their availability for repechage.

How to register

If you are among the candidates admitted in the ranking list you will be able to finalise your enrolment from 3 p.m. on July 20 to 12 a.m. on July 26, 2022.

To enrol, make sure you have with you:

  • an Internet-connected device;
  • a valid digital ID (ID card or passport);
  • the tax code or health card in digital format;
  • high school diploma information (if you have not already entered it) and, if graduate, previous degree;
  • a valid e-mail address (to which confirmation of your enrolment will be sent);
  • a passport-size photograph in digital format;
  • in case you want to opt for part-time registration, the form A51 completed.

To proceed with the registration login< by entering the username and password you obtained with your registration or SPID.


To enrol you have to login with the username and password that you obtained through registration or SPID.

  • choose your course of study and enter the data and documents required by the system;
  • download the enrolment application and, by accessing the Payments section of the Student registry office menu, download or view the deposit slip with the amount of the first instalment;
  • make payment of the deposit slip at any authorized bank counter in the country or through another payment system allowed by PagoPA. 

Within a maximum of 15 working days, the University will send, to the e-mail address provided during registration, an e-mail confirming the enrolment containing the registration number and the institutional e-mail address (e.g:

Recognition of previous exams

If you already have a degree and you have been enrolled in another course and you want to request recognition of the exams taken, please contact first the guidance delegate of the degree course you are interested in.

For the evaluation of your request you will need to submit a self-certification bearing the details of your qualification, the list of all the exams passed, the corresponding credits (if available), the indication of the scientific-disciplinary sectors and, for some courses, the exams programmes as well. Many universities allow their students print a complete self-certification online with all the exams.


Se non riesci a effettuare l'iscrizione a un corso in ordine cronologico consulta l'apposita guida che riporta passo passo le istruzioni per portare a termine la procedura.

Useful contacts

In case of need you can call the dedicated number 0521 902050, the toll-free number 800904084 or write to specifying your personal data (name, surname, tax code) and the problem encountered.

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