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How it works

Some degree courses have this type of access (Biology, Biotechnologies, Pharmaceutical chemistry and technology, Pharmacy, Sciences of education and training, Food sciences and technology, Sport and health science, Zootechnical sciences and animal production technology), as well as some vocationally oriented degree courses (Construction, infrastructure and territory, Quality and supply of raw materials for agribusiness, Dairy technology and management).

To be part of the allocation procedure you must reserve your place on the 11th or 12th of July 2023 and enter your diploma grade before and after these dates. Your position in the ranking will be determined by both the following factors:

  • the reservation chronological order;
  • your diploma grade.

The reservation procedure is free of charge. It is possible to reserve multiple courses with this access procedure.

You can reserve a place even if you are already enrolled in another course. At a later stage, in the event of a successful placement, will it be necessary to submit renouncement of studies or apply for a course change or course option.

All the steps in the following paragraphs are online and must follow the registration with the university information system (ESSE3).

If you are interested in a course with this access method, please register before enrolment opens, so that on the 11th or 12th of July you will be able to reserve your place directly without having to re-enter your registration details.

How to enter diploma data

You can enter your degree and grade from July 1st until July 17th, 2023, at 12pm.

To insert the data you must follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Register/Login
  3. Insert your username (number code given with registration) and password, or access with SPID (except on the 11th and 12th of July)
  4. click on the HOME menu item and select Qualifications.

Should you receive your diploma on the 11th and 12th of July or in the following days, please proceed with the reservation procedure anyway, to avoid losing positions in the ranking list. You can enter your diploma data after reserving your place.

Should you not indicate your qualification and grade by the deadline, you will be placed on the ranking list with the minimum grade of 60/100.

How to reserve your place

You can book a place on one or more courses with this type of access from the 11th or 12th of July until the 17th of July 2023 at 12 pm.

Each of these courses will have its own opening hours for reservations. The courses will not be visible in the list of those selectable in the Reserved Area before the opening hours.

Reservations opening hours:

Tuesday 11 July 2023

  • 12 pm - BIOLOGY
  • 4 pm - PHARMACY

Wednesday 12 July 2023


To reserve your place you must follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Click on Register/Login
  • Insert your username (number code given with registration) and password. Access with SPID will not be allowed on the 11th and 12th of July
  • select the study course
  • confirm your choice

At the end of the procedure, you will see the unique numeric identification code to identify yourself in the ranking list.

Ranking lists, scroll and expression of interest

The rankings for degree courses with this access method will be published on July 25th at 12 pm on this page and in your private area on Esse3.

The ranking list will show the unique identification code obtained at the time of reservation, the date of birth and the status (admitted/not admitted), resulting from the chronological order and the diploma grade (if entered).

Seconda procedura di prenotazione del posto

Per i corsi di laurea in Chimica e tecnologia farmaceutiche, Farmacia, Scienze dell'educazione e dei processi formativiScienze zootecniche e tecnologie delle produzioni animali è aperta fino al 22 settembre una seconda procedura di prenotazione del posto basata sul solo ordine cronologico senza valorizzazione del merito

Le seconde graduatorie saranno pubblicate e scorse solo in caso di mancata copertura dei posti dopo gli scorrimenti delle prime. Puoi consultare le graduatorie del secondo turno di prenotazione che sono state pubblicate nella tua area riservata di ESSE3 e in questa pagina pubblica.

Gli scorrimenti delle graduatorie del secondo turno seguiranno le tempistiche di quelli del primo turno (vedi paragrafo Graduatorie, scorrimenti e manifestazione di interesse).

N.B. La manifestazione di interesse non va effettuata per chi ha partecipato alla seconda procedura di prenotazione del posto.

How to enrol

If you are in the ranking list, you can enrol from 3 pm on the 25th of July to 12 pm on the 31st of July 2023.

If you have registered with SPID, to enrol you must have:

  • a device and Internet connection
  • your high school diploma (and if you are a graduate, your previous degree);
  • disability/disability certification (i.e. L. 104, DSA certification, etc.) if you have it;
  • the completed A51 form if you opt for part-time enrolment.

If you have not registered with SPID, to enrol you must have:

  • a device and Internet connection
  • a valid identity document in digital format (identity card or passport);
  • your tax code or health card in digital format;
  • details of your high school diploma (and, if you graduated, of your previous degree);
  • a passport-size photograph in digital format
  • disability/disability certification (e.g. L. 104, DSA certification, etc.) if you have it;
  • the completed A51 form if opt for part-time enrolment.

To enrol log in either with your SPID or with the username and password you obtained during registration. Then:

  • choose the course of study and enter the data and documents requested by the system;
  • download the enrolment application, download or view the IUV bulletin with the amount of the first instalment from the Payments section of the Segreteria menu;
  • pay the bulletin at any bank in Italy or through another payment system accepted by PagoPA (for information on the PagoPA payment system consult the dedicated page).

The University will then send an e-mail confirming enrolment containing the matriculation number and the institutional e-mail address (i.e. to the e-mail address provided during registration.

Recognition of examinations taken previously

If you already have a degree or have been enrolled in another course and would like to have your examinations recognised, please contact the lecturer responsible for the degree course of your interest.

To have your request processed, you must provide a self-certification stating the qualification(s) you have obtained and/or a list of all the exams you have passed, the credit value (if any), the scientific-disciplinary areas and - for some courses - the exams’ programme. Many universities give their students the option of printing online a self-certification with all the examinations.

Prospectus (Manifesto degli studi)

To learn more about the registration procedure for courses with access in chronological order, you can consult the 2023-24 Study Manifesto, which will be published by June 2023.

Useful contacts

For help and support call the toll-free number 800904084 or write to, specifying your personal data (name, surname, tax code) and the issues you are experiencing.

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