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In accordance with the regulations in force, it is possible to enrol simultaneously in two higher education courses within the same University or in Universities, schools or institutes of higher education with special regulations, including foreign ones, according to the procedures described below.

For academic year 2023/2024 is possible to apply for double enrolment by writing to

  • For first-cycle, second-cycle and and single-cycle degree courses from 13 July 2023, respecting the deadlines for individual courses as indicated in the Academic Year 2023/2024 Study Manifesto.
  • For masters, specialisation schools and doctorates, applications can be submitted up to 30 April 2024.

Courses which allow double enrollment

  • two different first-cycle and/or second-cycle degree courses, provided that these courses belong to different degree classes, attendance is not compulsory, and they differ in at least two-thirds of their educational activities, subject to assessment of the study plan
  • first-cycle and second-cycle degree course, master's or PhD or non-medical specialisation course, if attendance to the first-cycle and second-cycle degree courses is not compulsory
  • two master's degree courses, provided attendance to one of them is not compulsory
  • a master's course and a specialisation course if attendance to the master's course is not compulsory
  • a PhD course and a specialisation course (simultaneous enrolment in a PhD course and a specialisation school in the medical area - as per Ministerial Decree 226/2021 - has been regulated in the aforementioned Regulation of PhD Courses)
  • an academic specialization in special education needs and a first or second-cycle degree course; first or second level Master; non-medical specialisation course or Ph.D. In these cases double enrolment is possible once the requisite in terms of attendance if verified and ceritified.

How to enrol in two courses

The student must send the form A/27 to for evaluation of the requirements and to establish if the chosen courses are compatible.

Following the positive outcome of this verification, the student will be given all the information regarding the procedures to be followed.


To enrol in two first-cycle, second-cycle or single-cycle degree courses, at one or at more than one university, school or special-order colleges of higher education, they must not belong to the same degree class and must differ in at least two-thirds of their educational activities.

To enrol simultaneously in two courses, you must first verify for each course if you meet the qualifications and admission requirements, as per national legislation and the courses’ specific regulations.

If one of the two study courses has compulsory attendance, you may only enrol in a second course that does not have compulsory attendance other than laboratory and placement activities.

If the two courses are scheduled access courses, you must be well-positioned in the rankings of both courses.

Masters, academic specialization in special education needs and non-medical specialisation schools are courses with compulsory attendance.

PhDs are full-time courses, and Specialisation Schools in the medical area require a commitment of at least 38 hours per week. Attending a Master's, PhD, academic specialization in special education needs or Specialisation School course is therefore compatible with a non-compulsory attendance course.

University fees and the right to education

The annual tuition fee of the University of Parma will be determined based on the following criteria:

  • Merit: only credits accrued from 11/08/2022 to 10/08/2023 are taken into account (at least 10 credits for the second year and 25 credits for students enrolled in the years following the second);
  • Enrolment seniority: according to the years of enrolment at the University of Parma (changing courses does not zero the seniority);
  • the Scientific Disciplinary Area of the Course; the ISEE value (application to be filled in only once on the ER.GO website from 4/07/2023 to 3/11/2023 5pm).

The Regional fee shall be paid only once in case of double enrolment in universities within the Emilia-Romagna region, while it must be paid twice in case of double enrolment in universities in other regions.

The benefits for the right to study are available for one enrollment only.

Students enrolling in two courses simultaneously identify one enrolment as reference for accessing the benefits of the right to study.

A student already enrolled cannot identify a second enrolment to access the benefits of the right to study.

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