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Single courses

Depending on their background and aspirations, asylum-seekers who have not yet obtained the refugee status can enroll to single courses (chosen within one of our programmes).

People can register to single courses if they are not yet enrolled in any Programme at the University of Parma.

  • For single courses offered within BA programmes, a five-year secondary school diploma is required.
  • For single courses offered within MA programmes, a Bachelor degree certificate is required.

Registration to singles courses is valid for an academic year. People can enroll to single courses for a maximum of 30 CFU (University Credits) for each academic year (except for lower limits established by specific Programmes).

Please note that courses in the Health area (Medicine, Nursing etc.) cannot be chosen as single courses. 

Degree courses


Refugee and people with international protection can enroll to one of our degree course. When they obtain international protection, also asylum-seekers who took single courses will be able to enroll to our programmes and the credits they got in single courses will be recognized in the related first cycle or second cycle degree course.

Please note that all first cycle (bachelor) courses are in Italian and require the knowledge of the Italian language (B2 level). See below for more information.

Important information

Please note that the following information applies to people who already have a refugee status in Italy. People with a refugee status in another country should follow the procedure for Non-EU Students.

  • If you have chosen a degree course taught in Italian and you do not possess any document certifying that you have B2 level competency in the Italian language, you must take the Italian language competency test before you can enrol or take any admission tests.
  • If you do not have 12 years of previous schooling, you are not eligible to apply for pre-enrolment. If you are missing one year of schooling, you have the option to attend our Foundation Year program and then enrol.
  • Admission to each degree course for non-EU nationals is limited to quotas, that are approved each year by Degree Course Committees.
  • In compliance with the relevant bylaws and regulations, students attending a degree course taught in English are also required to pass an Italian language competency test before the completion of the degree course.

Non-EU citizens holding a type of residence permit other than a residence permit for study purposes are equated to EU nationals. They must therefore follow the application procedures required for students who are EU nationals (art. 26 - L. 189/2002).

For more information:


Pre-evaluation of candidates is mandatory to determine eligibility for admission into a second-cycle degree course taught in English while it is optional for first cycle and second cycle degree courses taught in Italian.

  • Students enrolling in an English-language second cycle degree course  (Engineering for the food industry, Food Safety and Food Risk Management, International Business and Development e Language Sciences and Cultural Studies for Special Needs) should therefore apply using the appropriate link. Before starting the pre-evaluation procedure, students must register on the University computer system (ESSE3).
  • The deadlines for requesting the pre-evaluation of your academic credentials are usually in May (first call), June and July (second call). Please visit the course website for more information.
  • For the Communication Engineering degree course please follow the procedure on this link.
  • For the MUNER - Electronic Engineering for intelligent vehicles degree course, the information will be published at this link.
  • For the course in Medicine and surgery it is possible (but not mandatory) to fill in this form.
  • For those enrolling in a first-cycle degree course, single-cycle or second cycle (master) degree course taught in Italian it is possible to fill in this form where, any documents in the possession of international students relating to their higher studies and level of knowledge of the Italian language, can be attached.

If the documentation is complete, the University will carry out a preliminary assessment of the qualifications and, if the level of Italian is not sufficient, language courses will be organised in preparation for the compulsory test.


Among the documents required to finalize the matriculation/enrolment process are:

  • Study title (school or university) translated and legalized
    Alternatively you can attach the Diploma supplement issued by higher education institutions belonging to the EU or the certificate of comparability issued by the CIMEA Center (for more information Statements of Comparability and Verification - CIMEA).
  • Copy of the residence permit, or copy of the application to get it
  • Tax Identification number (Codice fiscale)
    Among the compulsory documents to be provided for the final  matriculation/enrolment, applicants are asked to provide copy of the codice fiscale (Tax Identification Number). The Tax Identification Number is officially issued by the national Agenzia delle Entrate or by the Italian Embassy/Consulate.
    It is now possible to book an appointment with an Agency Officer available at the University Erasmus and International Home (P.le San Francesco, 3): see here for more information.

If this documentation is received by 30th November 2022, the student will be enrolled, and they will have access to the exams planned for the First Semester of the current academic year.


Every year Unipr finances some scholarships (and related catering services) for students holding international protection. Scholarships are awarded through the general calls for applications for Er.Go scholarships. In order to obtain the scholarships, refugees must submit their application following the regular procedures and within the deadlines set by Er.Go for the scholarships.

The Er.Go Call is usually published in June.

Go to the Er.Go website

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