The PhD programmes - how to access doctoral positions

The Phd programmes is a three-year course, which can be accessed after the second-cycle degree course (master's degret) or single-cycle degree course or suitable foreign qualification. Doctorates provide skills to be able to carry out highly qualified research activities at universities, public bodies or private entities.
Doctoral positions are accessed through a open competition.
All information on the selection is contained in the relevant competition notice.

How to obtain a permit of stay

Ministerial Circular for more information about procedure to  obtain the permit of stay link link 

Procedures for students with foreign degrees - welcome office / reception service

Candidates in posses of a foreign degree that have passed the selection, shall be admitted conditionally until they submit the "dichiarazione di valore in loco del titolo posseduto" [declaration of local value of the degree held] along with the certificate of the relative exams and marks, translated and certified by the Italian diplomatic representation in the Country where the degree was attained. The declaration of value shall certify that the held degree is valid, in the Country where it was issued, for admission to an academic programme similar to a PhD Research.

If the above declaration of value is not available at the time of enrolment, a document shall be provided giving evidence that the application for its issue has been submitted to the competent diplomatic representation and it shall be turned in as soon as possible. As an alternative to the declaration of value, a Diploma Supplement can be attached issued by higher education institutions belonging to the EU or a certificate of comparability issued by CIMEA Center (further information at


Candidates in possession of a foreign qualification are invited to observe the provisions of the Ministerial Circular “Procedures for entry, stay, enrolment of international students and the related recognition of qualifications, for higher education courses in Italy valid for the academic year 2022-2023”

In fact candidates will have to complete the pre-enrolment procedures using the UNIVERSITALY portal. Admission remains subject to the suitability assessment of qualifications by academic bodies for the sole purpose of admission, as well as for the passing of entrance exams, where required.

Non EU students

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